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Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. I’ve talked about “Would you do it again?” in regards to being a doctor before. However, today we’re going to revisit the topic. Would you do it again? The TL;DR is that yes I would do it again. However, this answer is different for different people. There is a surprising amount of doctors (that I know), that would not do it again. The explanations are pretty broad. Hours are […]

Would you do it again? (revisited) #illumedati

Ok, so I forgot to write an article today… it’s supposed to be Finance Fridays and I was going to talk about Suze Orman, FIRE, and $5 million. However… I was busy with a lot of other stuff today and didn’t get to it. My apologies. That said, I was able to catch most of the 18 inning World Series Game 3, some on the TV, some on my phone, some on the radio. As […]

Max Muncy World Series Walk Off Home Run #dodgers #maxmuncy

Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. This post may seem kind of early since Halloween is next week, but I just wanted to do a short post on it. Halloween Luckily, I have Halloween off this year. I also already made plans to take Halloween next year too. I’ve kind of placed a priority on Halloween because I have to work every other Thanksgiving/Christmas. My kids really enjoy the dressing up and to go out […]

Halloween 2018 #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. This is kind of a short (and late) post about Work Life Balance. Work Life Balance? In general, when physicians think about work-life balance, I think we primarily focus on factors we can control, rather than what we really want. For example, as a doctor, perhaps you want to retire earlier and save more money. So the first thing you think about is: “How can I make more money?” […]

Work Life Balance

Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. Technically today’s topic of “Monetizing My Blog” isn’t exactly a Finance Fridays topic for everyone. However, it is kind of a Finance topic for me, so I figured I’d share. What do you mean by “monetizing”? Well, it basically means I’m going to try to create a revenue stream on my blog. I’ve been blogging for more than 3 years now (almost 4). There were some false starts and mistakes, […]

Monetizing My Blog #illumedati

Hey everyone it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. Today is just going to be a short post pondering that “Baseball has changed…” before the Dodgers game. Baseball has changed? Yea. I may sound like an old man, but back when I was a kid watching the Dodgers in 90s and 2000s, there were very few metrics. Perhaps the only thing people really looked at in regards to hitting was batting average, on base percentage, slugging percentage and […]

Baseball has changed… #illumedati