Cardano Blockchain Honolulu Meetup Group (run by me)

This meetup group is still in the early stages. However, because I believe in Cardano, I’ve decided that I want to try to educate the people who want to learn about it. I actually believe in it so much I don’t just want to sit on the sidelines and watch it happen, I want to help.

I previously spoke with Maki Mukai, in charge of Marketing and Community at Cardano Foundation for some guidance on how to organize stuff. She was very helpful in explaining things and where to set goals for the meetup group. Cardano Blockchain Honolulu is now under the main Cardano Meetup Group (Cardano Blockchain London) “Umbrella”.

I am hoping to run our 1st meetup soon and (when available) and at some point, a friend and I plan to run our own stake pool.

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