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Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again and it’s also New Year’s Eve. Today is just going to be a short post about “Snoring Revisited“. So… how’s it going? Well, it’s been about 2 weeks of trying these things: Dortz® Anti Snoring Devices Other than them falling out of my nose once in awhile during sleep, they’ve been pretty much worked as advertised. There is a demonstrable difference in my snoring with and without them. I […]

Snoring Revisited #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. Today is going to be a short post about “The 20 Year Career“. The 20 Year Career? Yea. I’ve kind of alluded to it before in a bunch of prior posts. However, I think that maybe we should reconsider the “conventional” 30 year career of a physician. In general, residents/fellows graduate in their early or mid 30s. This can also be your late 30s or early 40s if you […]

The 20 Year Career #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays… but it’s also the day of after Christmas. So today will be a short post titled “The Day After Christmas Toy Review.“ The Day After Christmas Toy Review So, my kids received a very generous amount of presents this year. They really are good kids, and I hope they enjoy them. So here is my quick review of some of the stuff they got. Hairdorables I had high hopes for […]

The Day After Christmas Toy Review #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. Today is kind of a light-hearted post about “Snoring and Me”. Snoring and Me So I’ve known I snore for a few years now. I don’t think it was the bad when I was in college or medical school, but I think it’s progressively become worse. This may have something to do with the weird hours I worked in residency and fellowship – and now I work evenings which […]

Snoring and Me #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. This will just be a short post about being “Home for the Holidays“. Home for the Holidays? Yea. I just dawned on me that for a long time I haven’t really had a “home”. I went to the Caribbean for medical school, then I spent 2 years of clinical rotations back in California (but not close to home). After matching into intern year and residency, I was in New […]

Home for the Holidays #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again today and today is going to be a pretty random (and short) post about “Wisdom Teeth“. Wisdom Teeth While “Wisdom Teeth” technically falls into “dentistry” and isn’t technically “Medicine Mondays”, let’s just let that slide for today ok? So I went to have my teeth cleaned this past weekend. Since I met my wife back in 2004 I’ve been pretty diligent of brushing my teeth (and even flossing sometimes!). […]

Wisdom Teeth #illumedati