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Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again today and today is going to be a pretty random (and short) post about “Wisdom Teeth“.

Wisdom Teeth
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Wisdom Teeth

While “Wisdom Teeth” technically falls into “dentistry” and isn’t technically “Medicine Mondays”, let’s just let that slide for today ok?

So I went to have my teeth cleaned this past weekend. Since I met my wife back in 2004 I’ve been pretty diligent of brushing my teeth (and even flossing sometimes!). So, as per usual no cavities for me or my wife.

You still have wisdom teeth?

I had my wisdom teeth removed back in high school, around the age of 15 I think. At that time, I believe that I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, one from each quadrant. My face swelled like a chipmunk relatively symmetrically after the surgery, so for the last 20 years or so I assumed I had all my wisdom teeth removed.

My other dentists never really mentioned it before, but apparently I still have another small tooth up there in my right maxilla. I’m not sure if this was my 4th wisdom tooth that was just deemed not dangerous and not removed or whether it is a 5th wisdom tooth (supernumerary tooth). Apparently, having a 5th wisdom tooth is quite uncommon. 

Anyways, my current dentist showed my x-rays from the last few years and this tooth has decided to move down a little and has started to break through the gumline. As such, it should probably be extracted. Lucky me.

So, I’ll be getting that tooth extracted sometime in January.

Anything else?


I just want to remind everyone to please take care of your teeth. Good dental hygiene is very important and I think it something that we take for granted (myself included, previously).

Just remember you only get one set of permanent teeth. Once they’ve rotted away you don’t grow new ones — they can only be removed and then you’re stuck with dentures thereafter.

As a neuroradiologist I see a lot maxillofacial CTs for trauma/infection or sinus CTs for sinusitis. It is very, very common for me to be able to see extensive periodontal disease and even small periapical abscesses. For the most part, this can be prevented.

For those who care, both my wife and I use Sonicare Toothbrushes.

I’m not necessarily in love with them, but I do think they do a good job at keeping our teeth clean. Once my children are old enough, they’ll probably get their own as well.

Instead of flossing, my wife prefers these GUM Soft Picks:

I’m not a flossing expert, but she says these work better for her since she has a permanent retainer.


I need to get another tooth extracted, not sure if it’s my 4th or 5th wisdom tooth.

Take care of your teeth, you only get one set of permanent teeth.

Medicine Mondays Sensei


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