The Day After Christmas Toy Review #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays… but it’s also the day of after Christmas. So today will be a short post titled “The Day After Christmas Toy Review.

The Day After Christmas Toy Review
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The Day After Christmas Toy Review

So, my kids received a very generous amount of presents this year. They really are good kids, and I hope they enjoy them. So here is my quick review of some of the stuff they got.


Hairdorables Series 1
Hairdorables Series 1

I had high hopes for this one. We bought a few for my daughter but unfortunately she received a “double” of one, meaning she got Brit twice (the “Brit Braids” version). Of course, she really wanted the ultra-rare “Rayne Showers” version of Rayne, but we didn’t get it. However, she did get the “Roller Rayne” version, which she liked.

Overall, her favorite was “Dee Dee-licious version” of Dee Dee because she was a baker, just like she wants to be when she grows up. The small accessories that came were just “ok”. However, they do close back up into their boxes which makes cleanup easy and helps prevent her from losing the accessories (I hope).

Bottom line:

All in all, this is hit or miss. If they get one they want they’ll like it, but if they get doubles or don’t get the one they want, they’ll be disappointed. We’ll see how much she plays with them in the next few weeks.

L.O.L. Surprise! Pets Series 4 (2 Pack)

I was pretty concerned about the Value Cost Ratio on this one. After understanding that these were small and the play value didn’t seem that great to me, I was worried… however… my daughter got a cute little owl and a cute little skunk. She loves them both.

Something that is really great is that you can put the animal and its accessories back into its ball and snap it closed. It even comes with a little handle to attach to the ball to carry it with. She likes to carry them around in her baby’s stroller as the “baby’s pets”.

Bottom Line:

I was concerned, but overall, I think it’s ok – as long as you know what you’re getting. These things are pretty expensive for what they are, but presentation and the fun of opening them does matter. Being able to put them away back into the little balls is also a plus.

Mattel Barbie Wedding Gift Set

Before I continue… DON’T buy this one from Amazon:

I have included the Amazon link so you can see what it looks like. That is the old set which was a Target Exclusive before. However, from my understanding there is a new Target exclusive set which is $35, which is the one Kylie received.

Click here for the Target link

Bottom Line:

For $35 from Target, I think this provides good value. You get 4 figures and accessories and of course Mattel quality. This one was a hit from Grandma and Pop-pop. Kylie likes to do a pretend wedding and then line them up on our couch when she watches TV.

Top Wing Toys

My son’s great grandmother send over a “Top Wing” package which included three toys and a Top Wing t-shirt. My son loves Top Wing and this was a hit with him. These are the ones he received:

Hasbro Top Wing Swift’s Flash Wing Rescue Vehicle

Top Wing Rod Figure & Vehicle

Top Wing Brody figure and vehicle

Bottom Line:

These toys are great. They look well-built and look like they can take a little bit of a beating from 3 year old son. He played with them for most of Christmas morning as well as combined them with this next item. Overall, they were a big hit from his great Grandmother.

PJ Masks Romeo’s Lab Playset

My son still loves PJ Masks, although may daughter seems to have outgrown it. They already have all the PJ Masks and their headquarters, so adding the “bad guy” Romeo’s Lab was a great idea (from grandma and Pop-pop).

Bottom Line:

Another great toy which my son likes to play out scenes with. He likes to add in Spiderman and Top Wing into the fray with the other PJ Masks. Something I find especially endearing is that he makes his own sound effects and does different voices for the different people. I think the imagination of a child is second to no one.


Another Christmas in the books.

Just some quick toy reviews for everyone.

I may do some more next week.

Whatever Wednesdays Sensei


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