Halloween 2018 #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. This post may seem kind of early since Halloween is next week, but I just wanted to do a short post on it.

Halloween 2018

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Luckily, I have Halloween off this year. I also already made plans to take Halloween next year too. I’ve kind of placed a priority on Halloween because I have to work every other Thanksgiving/Christmas. My kids really enjoy the dressing up and to go out and get candy in our little development, so I want to be there for them. So, I figured if I can get Halloween off, I should try.

In case you guys were wondering, here is a sneak peek of what my kids will be wearing for Halloween.

Halloween 2018 Sneak Peek

Aurora and Spiderman

Kylie is Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Lucas is Spiderman

The Disney Store here in Honolulu had a fun little event for kids where they dressed up and played some games. At the end they got a cute little Disney bracelet which lights up. My wife and I thought it was great to have them do something fun and then also have something to wear when they go trick or treating. Shout outs to Uncle Randy for the heads up!

Aurora and Spiderman huh?


I find it fascinating which character(s) my children are drawn to:

My daughter Kylie has always been drawn to Aurora, even before she ever saw the movie or knew the story. The story of Sleeping Beauty, in terms of Disney, isn’t really a part of her generation. However, she really gravitates to the story and identifies with her the most. She has never wavered from Aurora being her favorite Disney Princess.

My son Lucas all of the sudden decided he likes Spiderman. He never really watched the original Spiderman movies though. I think the first movie he saw was Spiderman: Homecoming. He really identifies with the Tom Holland persona I guess. Also, I think he really likes Ironman a lot as well, and the strong relationship they have in that movie is probably another reason he likes it. Don’t worry, I’ve already bought a ton of Spiderman Books. He seems to like the “World of Reading” books, like Level 1 and Level 2.

Fun fact: If you ask my son “Who is Spiderman?” He’ll tell you, clear as day: “Peter Parker is Spiderman”

Anything else?


Just a reminder to be safe this Halloween. Make sure you inspect all the candy your kids get, and make sure the individually wrapped candies were not tampered with.

If there is any suspicion, just toss it. It’s just candy.

Safety first.

Also, be extra careful on the streets. Keep an eye out for kids. Some kids will wear dark costumes which will make them difficult to see at night.

For you parents, a couple of cheap glow necklaces or glow braclets could go a long way to making sure your child is visible at night.

Safety first.


Halloween is fun.

I’ll have an Aurora and Spiderman running around getting candy this year.

Be careful out there.


Whatever Wednesdays Sensei


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