Max Muncy World Series Walk Off Home Run #dodgers #maxmuncy

Ok, so I forgot to write an article today… it’s supposed to be Finance Fridays and I was going to talk about Suze Orman, FIRE, and $5 million.

However… I was busy with a lot of other stuff today and didn’t get to it. My apologies.

That said, I was able to catch most of the 18 inning World Series Game 3, some on the TV, some on my phone, some on the radio. As I’ve said before Max Muncy is my favorite player on the Dodgers… and I just kept hoping he would get his moment.

And now, he just did.

Max Munchy Walk Off Home Run

(in the longest World Series game ever…)

Solo Walk Off Home Run in the 18th inning… after barely missing a home run in the 15th.

Congratulations My Dude! I hope you stay with the Dodgers and they never let you go!

Also, maybe some of the credit goes to Brian Dozier…

Also, another Saved By The Bellinger Moment:

Man I really love baseball.

Three Variations of Bunny Sensei

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