Case of the Mondays #illumedati

Hey everyone, today is just going to be a quick post about the “Case of the Mondays”.

Case of the Mondays
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What’s the Case of the Mondays?

It’s a quote from one of my favorite movies, Officespace:

Case of the Mondays

Technically “Monday” doesn’t have as much meaning to me since I am off every other Monday. In this context it’s more to just to voice my frustration over something that happened today (Monday).

So basically, I woke up this morning, like any other morning. However, for some reason I decided to scroll through Twitter, which I haven’t been doing in awhile. Then I noticed on my Senior Resident Twitter account, that none of my posts have been autotweeting to Twitter since like 1/11/19.

It then dawned on me that because of the problems I had with Jetpack, that I never updated that plugin. Since I use Jetpack to post my blog posts to both Twitter and Facebook, my site may have seemed dormant since mid January.

I was previously going to write a follow-up article about snoring, but instead I used the morning to try to figure out how to get my cross-post to working again. If possible, I didn’t want to re-enable Jetpack since it had caused me problems before, but then I couldn’t manually Publicize using the WordPress Admin Dashboard. After some digging, it seems that since Jetpack was originally the route of connecting my Twitter and Facebook accounts, that I couldn’t do it natively through WordPress without Jetpack.

I tried to just update the Jetpack plugin, but WordPress didn’t like that. So, just in case, I just deleted the entire Jetpack plugin and reinstalled it fresh again. After turning it on again I think I was able to reconnect my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I actually really like Jetpack and I think I’m going to keep using it, but I really hope it doesn’t break my site like it did before.

So now what?

Well, for those of you who missed the recent posts since 1/11/19 here they are in reverse chronological order:

Also, since I had to expend too much brain power and time to fix this small (but significant) problem, there is no real Medicine Mondays post today.

However, for those who care about my snoring, the TL;DR about that is those nose things seem to still be working. My only small gripe is that sometimes they fall out when I’m asleep, which of course just leads to snoring again. That said, I think it’s a worthwhile investment to try out. If it works for you and is comfortable enough for you, I think you’ll get some better sleep. Also, your spouse will thank you for it.

Dortz® Anti Snoring Devices


Had to fix some problems with the site crossposting to Twitter and Facebook – hope it works now.

The anti-snoring thing still works. The only problem is sometimes they fall out during sleep.

For the price, I think it’s a worthwhile to give it a shot.

Medicine Mondays Sensei


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