Technical Difficulties 4

Technical Difficulties?

So it’s Medicine Mondays and I was ready to write a post about the new Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA) which recently went live for us radiologists.

However, I decided to update a few plugins before I wrote my article — which turned out to be a big mistake because it made my website go down for awhile. Apparently one of the new updates for the plugin didn’t work correctly and I couldn’t even access the admin dashboard. I had to talk to my host provider to gain access to it and shut off all the plugins until we found out which one was causing the problem.

Anyways, after that I began to reactivate the plugins one by one, but then the act of even writing an article became problematic. In fact, all of the links in my website became broken for some reason. So, in the end, I just restored a backup from a few days ago (before I updated plugins) and here we are.

Unfortunately, that ordeal took up most of my morning and early afternoon. So now I need to head to work and can’t write my article.

Long story short, I’ll write about Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA) next week’s Medicine Mondays.



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4 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  • Wealthy Doc

    I feel your pain.
    I have had a lot of issues lately.
    This weekend my text editor in WordPress stopped working. The dropdowns didn’t work and I couldn’t change the headers or font sizes. I had to quickly learn some HTML coding on the fly to make it work at all.
    I think this is fallout from the major WordPress upgrade recently.

  • Xrayvsn

    That is one of my biggest fears and sorry you had to go through it.

    Glad you seem to be up and running and look forward to that post (I actually have one on OLA scheduled on my website for next Tues).

    By the way which plugin was the culprit? Just in case I have it I might not update it.


    • Sensei Post author

      It was JetPack — which I don’t really even think I need, but for some reason was still running. I should probably go through and only keep the plugins I actually need. Like I told WealthyDoc, I think it was a combination of the WordPress update and plugins trying to rush out their own updates. I think rule of the thumb is after a big WordPress update, don’t update any plugins (as long as they work) for a week or two.

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