Why not Cheez-Its? #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. Today is a light-hearted post which asks “Why not Cheez-Its?


Why not Cheez-Its?

This post may seem kind of random, because it is. So basically, the New Year has come and gone. Like I’ve said before I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions. However, I did want to take the time to re-evaluate the Value Cost Ratio things in my life.

I’ve been trying to get back on the wagon (in regards to cutting costs), after falling off.

In general, I’ve been pretty good. I’ve pretty much switched to only drinking coffee which I make myself at work. We haven’t been eating out as much as a family overall.

However, my number 1 problem is eating out at work. For the 8 nights in a row that I work, I tend to eat out way too much. So for at least January I wanted to cut it back to not eating out (for dinner) at all. I do still pick up something for lunch once in awhile on the way to work, but that’s better than eating out twice in one day.

Any other reason?

The other reason for this is because I have a ton of food at work which I have used as my “emergency reserve”, for when I forget to bring food or it is too busy to run out and grab something.

This emergency reserve includes, Kimchi Ramen, Ez Mac, and Granola Bars.

So for this January I’ve been trying to cut down my reserves by eating primarily Ramen and Ez Mac for dinner. You can imagine this gets quite boring after a few times.

However, my colleague has a stash of Cheez-Its and he was like “hey dude, why not throw some Cheez-Its on your Ez Mac?”

Now, to be fair, Ez-Mac isn’t gourmet cuisine. However, if you crumble some Cheez-Its on top of it, it does make it taste a little different. Basically, it tastes better. To me, it’s less boring and I think it’s significantly better.

It reminds me of my college student days when I used to scrounge up food and throw stuff together to make some semblance of a meal.

Cheez-its…? Really?


So then now, whenever I think about adding anything to my meal, in the back of my mind I think to myself “Why not Cheez-Its?

If you think about it Cheez-Its make a pretty good crumble. Off the top of my head, you can add it to your Ramen. Or if you’re out of Parmesan Cheese, you can add it to your Spaghetti or other pasta. Or if you’re adventurous, instead of bread crumbs or panko, you can crust your chicken breast in Cheez-Its! It’s a pretty versatile thing to have around.

So anyways, it’s kind of a funny thing between my colleague and I now. The answer to anything food-related as become “Why not Cheez-Its?”

By the way, I have no financial stake in Cheez-Its, but if Kellogs wants to send me some free Cheez-Its, I won’t say no.


I’m trying to get back on the wagon and cut costs again and so I’ve been eating Ramen and Ez-Mac at work recently.

Cheez-Its are a versatile food item to have around.

Why not Cheez-Its?

Whatever Wednesdays Sensei


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