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Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. It’s nearing the end of January and baseball season is starting soon. Today I just wanted to talk about my thoughts on The Dodgers.

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The Dodgers?

Yea. I think we all know that they made it to the World Series back to back in 2017 and 2018 but weren’t able to take home the title. This is very disappointing for the fans, but I am hopeful for next year.

Just to get everyone up to speed, there are few things that have happened in the offseason:

Clayton Kershaw signed an extension on his contract for another 3 years.

I think this was a good move by both The Dodgers and by Kershaw. It’s no secret that Kershaw isn’t as overpowering a pitcher as he used to be. However, he is significantly more experienced and smarter than when he was a young fireballer. I would like for him to spend the entirety of his career in Dodger blue, but we’ll see after the next 3 years are up what he wants to do.

While his 2019 may not be an overpowering one, I think he’ll still put up good numbers. Additionally, I think his presence alone in the dugout as someone who has “been there” will help the younger pitchers mature. Of course, I am mostly speaking about Walker Buehler, but also Julio Urias too.

Corey Seager returns from Tommy John Surgery

Corey Seager was extremely important in The Dodgers run to World Series in 2017. Losing him so early in 2018 was very worrisome. However, my boy Max Muncy managed to fill in quite nicely with help from Chris Taylor and Kike Hernandez. That said, having him in the lineup everyday in 2019 will be very important for the Dodgers. If he stays healthy, I think we’ll see another consistent year out of him.

I think Corey’s probable return rules out any reason to sign Manny Machado this off season.

We lost Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, and Alex Wood

I understand the reason for the trade. The Reds needed some veterans to make them a contender this year and the Dodgers needed to save some money. I get that. I get all that.

However, my heart really wanted to keep all these guys with the Dodgers. I will miss Puig’s antics. Although, many may write off Matt Kemp as a fluke, I think he’s still a great baseball player who can square up any fastball near the plate. Alex Wood had some problems late in the season, but he demonstrates flashes of brilliance along with pretty good consistency.

Perhaps I’m just emotionally attached, but I’m sad to see all of them go.

We lost Yasmani Grandal

He turned down the qualifying offer from the Dodgers . Interestingly, he also turned down a 4 year, $60 million contract from the Mets before signing with the Brewers for a one year $18.25 million contract.

I think everyone knew that Yasmani was going to go for top dollar as a free agent, so this wasn’t really a surprise. However, this one hurts because we don’t really have a good starting catcher to take Yasmani’s place yet. Austin Barnes is still a decent catcher, but he hasn’t been able to be consistent at the plate. Our top catcher prospect, Keibert Ruiz, probably isn’t quite ready yet. However, I don’t think we should give up our top catching prospect, if at all possible.

I’m not sure what the plan is here. It’s possible that the Dodgers make a play for J.T. Realmuto. However, that would cost a lot of money, and likely put them out of the running to sign Bryce Harper… which might actually be their plan anyways.

Bryce Harper?

The Dodgers may be out of the running for Bryce Harper unless something drastically changes. People seem to think the frontrunners willing to pay top dollar are the Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals, with maybe some consideration for the Chicago White Sox.

The Dodgers aren’t even in the conversation anymore apparently.

What do you think?

I think the 2019 Dodgers will be a good team as long as everyone stays healthy. If the pitching rotation and the lineup can stay consistent then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to win the division and the NLCS again. However, I’m not sure whether they’ll be able to win in the World Series.

I say this even though my heart bleeds Dodger blue.

If the Dodgers can work out a deal to get J.T. Realmuto without sacrificing Keibert Ruiz, then I am all for it. I don’t think we should go after Bryce Harper unless he miraculously becomes more affordable. I do think our bullpen needs some more help, and I am waiting to see who they can pick up.


The Dodgers will be a good team again in 2019, but not overpowering.

I don’t think they will be the favorite to win the World Series.

I hope my boy Max Muncy continues to knock the cover off the ball.

Whatever Wednesdays Sensei


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