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Mistakes were Made… Here is a short summary of what happened: Please go here to look at some prior posts instead. On the bright side, next week’s Medicine Mondays post is already done! Apologies, -Sensei Agree? Disagree? Questions, Comments and Suggestions are welcome. You don’t need to fill out your email address, just write your name or nickname.

Mistakes Were Made

My last few posts were about the current Pokémon Go phenomenon, and I made a few predictions. We’ll see how it pans out in future Whatever Wednesdays posts. In the more recent news, Verizon is set to acquire Yahoo for $4.83 billion. This seems like a lot of money, however, it used to be worth $125 billion. Forbes CNN I wanted to talk about this a little just because I think it is interesting since Yahoo […]


My prior post was about, Choosing Your First Job. Before we move on to Physician Contracts, I think it’s important to talk about Malpractice Insurance. Physicians in general dislike talking about this because we don’t like to think about the possibility of being sued. For the most part, this is covered during residency under your institutional policy, which is almost always occurrence meaning that you don’t have to worry about it. However, now that you are […]

Malpractice Insurance

So in my last post, TIPS and REITs I discussed a few alternate portfolio options. I then went on to discuss how because I am part of Thrift Savings Plan, there is no exact approximation for my portfolio of choice which is Taylor Larimore’s Three Fund Lazy Portfolio. However, not everyone will have access to these exact funds. In fact, I would guess the majority of you won’t have these exact funds available to you in […]

Approximating a Portfolio

In my prior post, Pokémon Go #pokemongo, I gave my analysis of the game. And now Pokémon Go has grown into a world wide phenomenon. This will be an update of that post because some things have changed since last week. [This post got wayyyy longer than I had planned for it to be.] Let’s talk about Pokémon Go again… I my last post I stated that Pokémon Go as making $1.6 million A DAY in the United […]

Pokémon Go Part 2 #pokemongo

So it’s Medicine Mondays… and I talked about I’ve talked about The Track and Falling Off the Track previously. So now I want to take the time to go over how to approach finding your first job. First things first. Usually the first thing people talk about when trying to compare two different job openings is the difference in salary. I am going to spend the majority of this post trying to convince you that this […]

Choosing Your First Job