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As you may have noticed, there is no post today. That’s because I’m feeling sick… I could just write some random musings, but they would just be random and probably incoherent. However, I did want to thanks @StudentDrDiva for retweeting my response about Caribbean Medical Schools: @StudentDrDiva I'm a Board Certified, Practicing Radiologist and Carib Grad. Feel free to read my thoughts here: — Senior Resident, MD (@ResidentSensei) December 28, 2016 My recommendations for those considering […]

Sick #illumedati

It’s Medicine Mondays again and this should be a short post-Christmas post, about Happy Holidays and Free Consultations For All. Photo from: QuickMeme What do you mean Happy Holidays and Free Consultations for All? During the holidays families come together and everyone talks about what has been going on since they last saw each other. However, if you’re a physician, especially if you’re one of the few (or only one) in your family, then a lot […]

Happy Holidays and Free Consultations For All #illumedati

It’s Finance Fridays again… and I’m here to talk about making $400k/year and still be “broke”. Stock Photo from: Pexels My last post was about my Financial Living Will. As with most of my posts about finance I’ve talked about my philosophy, index funds, compound interest, etc. But then I remembered that there are those who have been attendings for years. These individuals, even though they are making a lot of money, are still living month-to-month […]

How to Make $400k/year and Be “Broke” #illumedati

Hi everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again and this should be a short post about Random Oahu Eats. Like I said in my previous post, a good friend of mine is visiting this week. He’s staying in Waikiki as a tourist, with easy access to the beach and its amenities. However, I do try to show him a few things outside of Waikiki that a normal tourist may not know about. Stock Photo from: Pexels So […]

Random Oahu Eats #illumedati

Hi guys! It’s Medicine Mondays again and I’m here to talk about Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis. A good friend of mine from fellowship is out here visiting me and we were talking over some coffee yesterday. I asked him what he thought I should talk about for Medicine Mondays. He’s a neuroradiologist like me. However, he recently he had developed an interest in auto-immune syndromes and the intersection between immunology and other disease processes. Stock Photo […]

Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis #illumedati