Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. Today we’re going to do a little refresher about some basic finance stuff. Today’s post is about “The Mountain Revisited“. Mountain? What Mountain? Perhaps you forgot about my prior post, Many Paths to the Top of the Mountain. If you haven’t read it, go ahead and give it a read, since I’ll be referring to it in this follow-up post. Don’t worry. I’ll wait. Ok, I’m caught up now. […]

The Mountain Revisited #illumedati

Hey guys, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again and I’m here with some more Quick Gift Ideas for Xmas. FIDELO Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet I’ve been a wallet minimalist since college. I’ve been using the J.Crew Magic Wallet for about 20 years now and I’ve been through about 3 of them in that time frame. When I bought them I think they were around $20, however, that may have changed. Anyways, I was looking into trying a new […]

Quick Gift Ideas for Xmas #illumedati

Stokes Adams Syndrome
Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. I realize I forgot to post on Friday for Finance Fridays, but I had some house stuff come up which I’ll get into on Wednesday probably. Anyways, today we’re going to talk about Stokes-Adams Syndrome. Stokes-Adams Syndrome? Yea. So, if you had asked me last week what this was, a vague haze would have gone through my mind about this particular eponym. I do recall having heard and learned […]

Stokes-Adams Syndrome

Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. I haven’t talked about crypto for awhile so today we’re going to ponder “Is Crypto Dead? (like for real this time?)” Is Crypto Dead (like for real this time?) Crypto is like Schrödinger’s cat, it’s both alive and dead at the same time. I haven’t talked about crypto in the last few weeks, because it’s been a bloodbath out there. As I type this Bitcoin is trading at around $3800, […]

Is Crypto Dead? (like for real this time?) #illumedati

Ok, so I thought I posted this on Friday… but apparently it didn’t auto-publish. So it’s Finance Fridays on Monday! Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. Today will just be a short post about “Bogle’s Warning“. Bogle’s Warning? Yea. Bogle, as in John Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, and the figurehead of the “Boglehead” movement. I would recommend you read the full article here on the Wall Street Journal. But if you’re lazy, you can […]

Bogle’s Warning #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again, and today is going to be a post about “The Case for Christmas Lights”. (not my house)  The Case for Christmas Lights? Yea. So let me preface this post with the fact that I went to Walmart on Tuesday and spent about $200 on Christmas Lights. At first glance, you may be taken aback and think that Sensei went a little bit crazy this Christmas season and started making […]

The Case for Christmas Lights #illumedati