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Hey everyone, it’s me again. I haven’t posted in a long time and for that I apologize. Today is just going to be a short post with me talking about expectations in this “New School Year”.

Kylie Gen KBBQ
Kylie with me at Gen KBBQ before the new school year

New School Year

Well, this will be different for different places. However, here on Oahu for public school, we will be starting completely online. I kind of knew this was going to happen when we started to see the case count creep up again.

Online learning for Kylie has been very difficult since they went completely online for the 2nd half of the last school year. In general, I think it’s difficult for young kids to learn without being in class. Also, the lack of social interaction creates disinterest in school and learning in general.

We’ve been relatively lucky in that I’ve been able to work from home and I am technologically adept enough to deal with all the distance learning, apps, and google classroom and such. However, for others who may not be as inclined, this transition was more difficult I’m sure.

So what’s the plan?

Well, rather than be sad about it, I’m going to try to help Kylie embrace it. She will need to learn how to be a self-directed learner and be more responsible. We will teach her how to get ready for class in the morning for the first week, but then I will have her do it herself.

I would like to take this opportunity to have Kylie learn to manage her own time. Also, she should practice good study habits. There are things I forgot I did when I was a kid that are common sense to me now. For example, taking notes when the teacher is teaching and review concepts before sleeping at night.

The way I explain this to Kylie is that her brain is smart, but needs guidance. Her brain can learn anything, but it needs to be told what is important. You tell your brain something is important by writing it down.

Then while your brain can remember anything, it likes to forget things it doesn’t think are important. It needs to be reminded what is important before you sleep. When you go to sleep, your brain throws out whatever it thinks is unimportant. So, remind your brain what is important by reviewing things before you go to sleep at night.

As a kid, I was taught this by my parents early on… but it’s so “common sense” to me now that I didn’t teach it to Kylie.

Did it work?

Well, we won’t know if it becomes a habit or not for a few more weeks. However, I do think she realizes that by doing just these two things she remembers things much better. She is receiving feedback of “hey, this works” and so I hope she continues with it.

The other thing I am trying to get her to do is to teach me or other people in the family. She really likes to have an audience and so I think this also helps her to really nail down concepts.

“If you can’t teach it, you don’t really know it.”

Anything else?


Remember I like the “Books are unlimited” concept that my friend shared with me in regards to buying books for my children?

Kylie has made some progress with her reading. Like I said before, I think I skipped from picture books to dense chapter books too quickly. After going through a bunch of graphic novels, which she devours, she decided to pick up her Ivy & Bean books again — and she loves them.




Books #10 and #11 are available, but I haven’t bought them yet. I want to make sure she likes the series enough first.

Honestly, I think what really helped her transition to chapter books was all the graphic novels she read:

Amulet 1-8
(#9, the finale, not officially announced yet, expected Fall 2021)

Extra note: My 4 year old son LOVES Amulet too. When we first got them he would sit next to his sister while she was reading and look at the pictures. Then after she finished the first book he really wanted my wife and I to read it to him every night before sleep. It has the added bonuses of helping him settle down to sleep at night as well as making him want to learn how to read himself.

Bone Complete

Hilo 1-3
4 / 5 / 6
(there are 6 total currently)

Zita 1-3
I believe this series is over, but there is a crossover:
Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl

5 Worlds #1
2 / 3 / 4
(there are 4 currently, #5 comes out in May 2021)

What chapter books are you considering?

Right now, after she finishes Ivy & Bean, I am considering:

Candy Fairies 1-10

Amelia Bedelia 1-12

Junie B. Jones 1-28

I think if likes Ivy & Bean, these sets should keep her reading for the rest of the 2020-2021 school year.

Wait, what about typing?

Kylie learned all the keys, but started to stagnate there because it gets boring not “learning” anymore. At this point it’s all just practice, repetition, and good habits. As such, I think typing games are the best for repetition.

So far, the best “typing games” I’ve found for her are these:

She especially likes Keyboard Jump, Type a Ballon, and Keyboard Ninja.

However, she kind of got bored of them and the new ones she likes are:

Type Type Revolution

Typing Chef


The New School Years comes…

Just what my plans are to help my daughter with distance learning this fall.

I think reading and typing are very important.

Medicine Mondays Sensei


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    I agree it is different and difficult learning online for the kids as you have said. Hope the virus is soon over, so kids can go back to their normal school days. Ms Louise-Ca

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