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Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. Today is going to be a fun post about “Predicting the Future”. Predicting the Future? Yea, let’s pretend it’s been 15 years. So it’s 2034. So what’s 2034 like? 2034 means my daughter Kylie is 21 years old and will be starting her senior year in college. Where that is I’m not really sure. My current guess is that she leaves Hawaii and goes to college on the mainland […]

Predicting the Future #illumedati

Here’s the Whatever Wednesdays Roadmap Update 10-4-2017: So pour some coffee, sit back, relax and click on some of these links: Stock Photo From: Pixabay I cleaned up this post a bit for this update since we have a lot of posts to deal with now: I added bullets and made some subheadings and I’m hoping that will make it easier to navigate. About Me Who IS Sensei? Do As I Say Not As I […]

Whatever Wednesdays Roadmap Update 10-4-2017 #illumedati

Umbrella insurance is “non-occupation” liability. Occupation-liability (in our case) would be your malpractice insurance. I didn’t really discuss Umbrella Insurance as a necessity because for most residents and young attendings it isn’t really necessary yet as it falls into more of the “asset protection” category. Until you have assets to protect (such as a house) then you really don’t need this. However: You want your non-occupation liability insurance to be approximately equal to the assets […]

Umbrella Insurance

I touched upon disability insurance on my intro post of “Why do I need insurance?“ I think disability insurance is actually more important than life insurance from a risk management standpoint. Warning, incoming morbid real talk about death and disability: If you die without life insurance then someone has to pay for your funeral costs, burial or cremation, etc. This varies widely, but for the most part, family members can usually help out with this […]

Disability Insurance

Ok, so the last post of “Why do I need insurance?” might have seemed a bit backward since I told you all what to buy, and not why to buy it. That was intentional. As physicians we are so busy making big decisions day in and day out about things we know about…  that when it comes to things we don’t know about, we tend to just throw money at it to make it go away. Trust […]

Life Insurance

Why do I need insurance? This is a common question among young physicians. It should be a question you ask yourself during residency or internship, but unfortunately, like many things it is of low priority during that time period. It is brushed off into the “I’ll get to it later” pile of things to do. I hope this article reaches more residents so that they will be aware of just how important insurance is for […]

Why do I need insurance?