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Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. Today I was going to look at my portfolios and see if I needed to rebalance or not. So rather than just do all the work, I’d figure I’d share the data and my thoughts with you guys, without getting into too much detail. So let’s talk about “My Portfolios for 2018“. My Portfolios for 2018 The major retirement accounts I have are: Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) [mine] Thrift […]

My Portfolios for 2018 #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays. First of all, I apologize that this is late. I’m working nights this week and after waking up to help my wife get the kids ready for daycare, I slept in past my normal alarm. Nonetheless, today we’re going to continue talking about Roth 401k/403b in Residency Portfolios. Stock Photo from: Pexels In my prior post Roth 401k/403b in Residency How To, I went over the basics of putting together a Roth […]

Roth 401k/403b in Residency Portfolios #illumedati

In my previous posts in this series, I talked about Portfolio Types, TIPS and REITs, and Approximating a Portfolio. Now that we have discussed different types of Asset Allocation and you know about Talking the Talk I want to discuss a more advanced portfolio. This is the Coffeehouse Portfolio, created by Bill Schultheis, also known as The Coffeehouse Investor.  Amazon Link (I have no financial relationship with Bill Schultheis or Amazon.) What is a Coffeehouse Portfolio? One of the […]

Coffeehouse Portfolio

So in my last post, TIPS and REITs I discussed a few alternate portfolio options. I then went on to discuss how because I am part of Thrift Savings Plan, there is no exact approximation for my portfolio of choice which is Taylor Larimore’s Three Fund Lazy Portfolio. However, not everyone will have access to these exact funds. In fact, I would guess the majority of you won’t have these exact funds available to you in […]

Approximating a Portfolio

Hi guys, today will be a short post about Portfolio Types. Today I’m going to focus on “Lazy Portfolios” which are popularized by Bogleheads. I am pretty much cutting and pasting this from the Bogleheads wiki, but I will clean up this post to make it look better later, with my commentary. Today is school field trip day with my daughter so I just wanted to get this posted before I take her to the […]

Portfolio Types

Hey everyone, it’s Wednesday again. This marks the 4th week in a row that I’ve writing an article. I think I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. Today we’re going to talk about Rebalancing 2021. A quick aside… So, before I continue on with the post, I wanted to briefly talk about my hiatus from posting. It’s kind of weird, but I’ve become very accustomed to typing my posts on my desktop computer […]

Rebalancing 2021