Loungin’ with Lucas #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. Today we’re just going to talk about “Loungin’ with Lucas”.

Loungin' with Lucas
Loungin’ with Lucas

Loungin’ with Lucas

This is just kind of a little introduction to my son, Lucas. He’s made some cameos here and there on the site, but this will kind of be the first post dedicated to him.

Lucas was pretty quiet prior to turning 4 years old. His older sister is kind of the extrovert of the family and she would tend to talk for him during their time together at preschool. He loves his sister and would follow her around like a little puppy dog, hanging on her every word.

However, now that Kylie has gone off to elementary school, Lucas has really come into his own and become a lot more independent. He’s found his own little voice. While it’s little, it’s also pretty loud — from such a small frame.

Like his sister, he does swimming. However, whereas Kylie has moved on from baseball to soccer, Lucas has refused to give up baseball. It’s literally the only sport he wants to play. He has no interest in soccer, football, basketball, or anything else. He’s been exposed to each sport during his once a week activity at preschool, Amazing Athletes. However, he remains steadfast in his commitment to baseball only — maybe that comes from me.

Anyways, I’m trying my best to keep him interested in it, and our most recent purchase is this:

SKLZ Hitting Stick Batting Swing Trainer for Baseball and Softball

I know what you’re thinking… “Why are you buying a ball on a stick?”

However, just stay with me here. This thing is designed pretty well. The stick itself is well made and is made to “give” and “bend” a little when hit by a baseball bat. My primary purpose for Lucas is for him to get his swing path down so he can make better contact with the ball on the tee.

Then, if he decides to stick with it, this also helps to work on specific pitches. For example, to simulate an inside pitch or a low and away pitch.

However, what really matters is whether he would actually use it or not. So, the main reason I bought this thing is because he loves to use the one that they have to use at his baseball games. I think he would just sit and swing all day long until his arms gave out since he loves it so much.

I think it’s difficult to explain the feeling you get when you make contact with the ball… it just feels good and it’s pretty difficult replicate. However, I think this little thing does a good job, and I hope he sticks with it.

What else?

Well, he also likes Dinosaurs, Robots, Super Heroes and Fighting stuff. Recently, his love for dinosaurs has kind of fallen off a bit. That said, I did get the Jurassic Park collection for cheap recently, so he’ll probably want to watch that soon:

While he does play with his dinosaurs, he kind of incorporates them into his story about the Avengers and Spider man. Also, more recently, he’s gotten into Transformers and Power Rangers. Don’t worry, he’ll get into Voltron soon. The LEGOs and DVDs are waiting:

Note: Don’t buy the LEGO Voltron through Amazon, those are resellers. Try to buy it directly from the LEGO store since I think it’s an exclusive LEGO Ideas Set. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s sold out right now online. I’m not sure if that’s temporary or permanent.

Since we got Disney +, he’s been watching a lot of The Clone Wars animated series and he really likes it. He’s definitely a budding Star Wars fan. We’ve gotten a lot of use out of the light sabers we bought him for Christmas. Surprisingly, he’s been pretty good with them — he’s only broken 1 of them so far, but we managed to tape it up (for now).

He runs around saying he’s Anakin Skywalker and that he’s going to save everyone with his best friend Obi Won… since he doesn’t know what happens to them yet. One of these weekends we’re going to do a Star Wars weekend and watch all the movies on Disney +.

As of late, I’ve recently gotten him into Dragon Ball Z as well. He’s been watching the Dragon Ball Z Kai version to shorten it up for him. He can now kamehameha with the best of them. I’m so proud.

Are you going to start other stuff for him?

Well, like I said, he already does swimming and baseball. However, most likely we’re going to try to start piano and Kumon when he turns 5, September 2020 or so.

He’s late born, so he doesn’t start school until the following year where he’ll be almost 6 years old. Then he’ll basically have a similar schedule to his sister.

*Sniff — The days are long but the years are short.


Just talking about my son Lucas.

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