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Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays and I wanted to introduce a new series I’m going to be adding to my blog. Every once in awhile I’m going to update everyone on how my daughter, Kylie, is doing. As the blog continues you’ll be able to watch her grow up. We’ll call this “Kylie’s Korner”.

Kylie’s Birthday Party 5-14-2017

Pretty Dress, Tiara, and Panda Tattoo

Who is Kylie?

Kylie is my daughter. She was born back in May 2013 while my wife and I were doing our fellowships in Baltimore. As I’ve discussed before, Kylie was diagnosed with Development Dysplasia of the Hip pretty much right at birth. For most of the first 4 months of her life, she was in Pavlik harness.

We moved to Rhode Island for our first jobs July of that same year when she was only 2 months old. Unfortunately, those jobs ended up being temporary. It’s a good thing we didn’t buy a house, because we didn’t end up staying, and would have almost certainly lost money on it.

I took a new job in Hawaii April 2014, which is still my current job. My wife took Kylie to her parent’s house in New Jersey from April until about June, while I settled in to my new job in Hawaii. Unfortunately, this means I missed her first birthday.

After arriving in Hawaii, Kylie started going to a daycare in downtown. She’s still at the same daycare, but since about 3.5 years old, she’s been in their preschool class.

What is Kylie like?

Kylie is my cute little monkey.

She’s always been very verbal from a young age and has also always been very creative. She loves doing arts and crafts and dancing to music.

Some of her favorite songs to dance to are:

Her favorite song to sing at the moment is:

She loves pretty much anything and everything Disney, with Moana being her most current favorite.

What else does she like?

The Marvel Universe is also a favorite for her, although she’s also very excited about Wonder Woman. While some might think that some of these movies are too complex for someone her age to understand, I think she understands them reasonably well. She gets emotional when something sad happens.  Spoilers: She cried when Groot and Baymax sacrificed themselves to save their friends.

I do try to make sure she respects the classics though, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the cartoon) and Star Wars (the original trilogy). Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to watch Transformers. (Where did I go wrong?!??!)

She also a ton of toys, since I tend to spoil her a little too much. However, I do want to clarify that the toys she has are often fueled by her imagination as well. I am always amazed at the stories she can come up with and how dramatic she can be. Like I said before, I only buy things that she “remembers” so it’s not “impulse”. She has long since grown out of Mega Bloks and Duplos. Her little brother was mobile, so I didn’t want her to start playing with the regular Legos quite yet… since he might try to eat them. She does have a few regular Lego sets, but those are have been mostly confined to her bedroom. However, now that her brother is old enough where he doesn’t put everything in his mouth, I am probably going to start buying more Legos again.

She wants the Cinderella Lego Castle. — Spoilers: She’s not getting that one for awhile.

Does she do any activities?

She’s been doing swimming lessons since she got to Hawaii. Originally, she would have to go in the pool with my wife until she turned 3 years old. However, she’s been going in by herself for awhile now. She loves the water and is working on her crawl stroke, breast stroke, and back float.

Also, we’re lucky that our daycare has a slight integration with a local ballet school. A ballet teacher comes once a week to give the kids lessons. She was recently in a ballet recital of Peter & the Wolf, where she played a bluebird:

How did her birthday party go?

I think it went pretty well. While I don’t have the exact count, I think about 18 kids were there with their parents. Some of our work colleagues came as well.

Although it rained most of the time, we were lucky that we have a little clubhouse in my community that we can use. Additionally, we had “Moana” entertainer come to sing with the kids, do crafts and play games. This allowed the adults to kind of chill out and talk while watching the kids do their activities.

Then, as luck would have it, the rain stopped just long enough to go outside and get piñata up. Each kid was able to take a whack at the piñata from youngest to oldest. No one was able to break it, so we had to call in “the ringer”, an older sibling of one of the other kids. One good swing from when was all it took to knock the piñata open.

All in all, I think it went pretty well. Thanks to everyone who came.

Who’s her little brother?

Her little brother is Lucas, who was born September 2015. He’s only 19 months old, but he can hold his own against his sister. He loves her so much, tries to emulate everything she does, and even tries to protect her. He tells me “stop it” whenever I give Kylie a lecture, and then gives her a hug.

I’ll probably add a series for him as well at some point. Laughing with Lucas or Lounging with Lucas or something.

He’s very different from Kylie… but also still kind of the same.

Meme/GIF from The Interview


This was an introduction to Kylie’s Korner. I will update you on what Kylie is doing every once in awhile, likely every few months. I think it’s a good way to mix up things here on my blog, while allowing me to share a little of my life on here with everyone. This is all part of my “be less anonymous” and “more human” resolution for this year.

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