How’s The Match Going? #illumedati #Match2018

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. I just realized that I haven’t really dedicated any posts to the one thing weighing on the minds of US 4th year medical students everywhere… The Match. So today I’m going to ask everyone “How’s The Match Going?

How's the Match Going?

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How’s the Match Going?

So it’s mid November now, the Match should already be in full swing. By now you’re gone on some interviews and are putting together your rank list.

Today is going to just be a list of posts I’ve written already that I think are helpful at certain times.

Early Match Stuff

Here is my commentary on 4th year:

This first post may be kind of late, but may still be helpful for those trying to optimize their travel:

This next one is also kind of late, since many of you will have already gone on interviews. However, here are a few “tips” I think are helpful:

Mid Match Stuff

This is where we kind of are right now and I think these posts are probably the most helpful:

This post is about reflection on your current Match experience and your evaluation of “where you are”.

This post is about trying to figure out your rank order list. This is just a basic template to try to figure things out:

Match Day

All your interviews are over. The traveling is done… now you just sit and wait for Match Day:

Match Day has come…. so what happens now?


The Match is over… but there is still 4th year stuff to do and planning for Intern year..

Pre-Intern Year

Now you’ve figured out where you’re going to live and you’re kind of waiting for intern year to start:

It’s also a good idea to understand that Resident is:

Also, here are a few tips on:

And… that’s it.

I was debating whether I should write a new post about The Match this year, but it would mostly be a rehash of last year. I felt it was more important to organize things into one post where the 4th year med students could read about whatever they think is important.

For more Medicine Mondays related stuff go to Medicine Mondays. Specifically, I’d recommend checking out the:

You may find some posts on there you like that I didn’t specifically link here.


The Match is Coming. Intern Year is Coming.

Read the stuff above to be prepared.


Medicine Mondays Sensei


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