Medicine Mondays Roadmap Update 10-2-2017 #illumedati 2

It’s time for another Medicine Mondays Roadmap Update.

Pour some coffee, sit back, relax and click on some of these links:


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I cleaned up this post a bit for this update since we have a lot of posts to deal with now:

I added bullets and made some subheadings and I’m hoping that will make it easier to navigate.

You’re a pre-med and want to know about medical school:

Not in Medicine Mondays, but related:

You’re a medical student:

The NRMP Match

Not in Medicine Mondays, but included for completeness’s sake: Traveling for Interviews

Preparing to start residency:

Not in Medicine Mondays, but related: Mr. Smith and Dr. Jones

Roth 401k/403b in Residency

(this is technically Finance Fridays, but it is important enough that I include it separately in this Medicine Mondays Roadmap as well)

You’re a resident or attending:

Maintenance of Certification

You’re finishing residency/fellowship:

Physician Career Health and Well-Being

Not in Medicine Mondays, but included for completeness’s sake: Why Do Doctors Buy Big Houses?

Medicine Topics



Gifts Suggestions and Random

Medicine Mondays Sensei


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