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What is a DINK? DINK is an acronym which stands for Dual Income No Kids. I had no idea what this meant until a high school friend used it to refer to one of our other high school friends: “Hey, how’s [our other friend] doing?” “Oh, he’s married now. No kids though.” “Oh what!? Couple of DINKs huh?” “…?” He then went on to explain it meant Dual Income No Kids, and I guess it […]

Dual Income No Kids (DINK)

My previous posts about 529s were Finance Fridays posts which can be found here: What is a 529? Choosing a 529 Wait… but today is Whatever Wednesdays… Why are we talking about 529s? Well, you see a colleague and I mine were talking about them yesterday, and I felt it was good discussion. It also helped me to understand how people may view 529s. While its benefits seems “obvious” to me, it is less obvious […]

Let’s Talk About 529s

Today’s topic is kind of only circumferentially related to medicine, and more relates to my past expectations. Also, apologies if the site was loading slowly recently. I think the new Twitter widget was slowing things down. I have since removed it because I feel speed is more important. For those interested in my twitter, you can just click the link at the top. I tend to reply to med students and residents, mostly with GIFs. Thanks to […]

Past, Present and Future Me

It’s Whatever Wednesdays. After the long article about Artificial Intelligence on Monday, we’re going to dial it back for a more relaxing post. So pour some coffee and hear a little about me and my boss (my three year old daughter). My Three Year Old Daughter If you’ve read my About page, you’ll notice that I’m married, with a beautiful wife and two awesome kids. For a little more background, I have a daughter and a […]

Wisdom from my Three Year Old

So I follow what is happening in startups because I find it fascinating. One of the things I keep coming across is “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” and their potential to “disrupt” medicine. A recent article talked about this phenomenon in general: “Artificial Intelligence Software Is Booming. But Why Now?” – New York Times Here are 90+ Artificial Intelligence Startups in Healthcare So… why now? Well, a lot has happened since the early days of AI. […]

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine