Hey guys, it’s Whatever Wednesdays, but I’ve been having some problems with my WP-Admin. Something changed between yesterday and today so that I can’t access the full WP-Admin dashboard. Rather than just not post anything, I figured that I would let you guys know that I’m trying to fix things and hope to have things back and working again by Friday. Stock Photo from: Pexels I guess the long and short of this post for […]

Technical Difficulties #illumedati   Recently updated !

Hey everyone! It’s Medicine Mondays, and the last few months have been filled with Match Day Excitement and my Post-Match Checklist. This continued into The House Buying Itch – Post-Match Edition. I do plan to continue on with an interview series about buying a house in residency with Dr. E and Dr. K, however, I haven’t been able to talk to them yet. But it’s now the end of April, so instead of Post-Match, it’s […]

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Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. My 401k/403b in Residency Series has come to an end, although I may visit it again later. Today we’re going to refocus on the basics and talk about The Kubler Ross Five Stages of Investing. Stock Photo from: Pixabay So, this is my version of the The Kubler Ross 5 Stages of Grief. We all learned about this in medical school, or maybe even during a psychology course in college. […]

The Kubler Ross Five Stages of Investing #illumedati   Recently updated !

Hi everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I bought my first house about a year ago in 2016. I wanted to get Solar Panels (with an Update post) before the tax credit ran out in 2019. My timeline for getting the Solar Panels was pushed forward slightly because I had to get a new roof. I opted for a Metal Roof. So this post is going to ponder “Should Metal Roofs […]

Should Metal Roofs be the Standard? #illumedati

Hey everyone… it’s Medicine Mondays. I hope everyone had a Happy Easter weekend. It’s kind of ironic, that I’m posting late about “Why Does Medicine Move So Slowly?” I was supposed to post more about The House Buying Itch, but I wasn’t able to talk to my colleagues about their experiences with buying houses as residents. Rather than push out an unfinished post, I decided to switch gears, with plan to return to The House […]

Why Does Medicine Move So Slowly? #illumedati

Hey guys, it’s Finance Fridays and as promised I’m going to do Roth 401k/403b in Residency Analysis. Stock Photo from: Pixabay If you’re new here, I’d recommend reading the prior posts in the series first: Roth 401k/403b in Residency How To Residency Portfolios This post will do further analysis. I’ll talk about how to approximate the Coffeehouse Portfolio to make use of TIPS and REITs. This is outside the scope of the two simplistic options […]

Roth 401k/403b in Residency Analysis #illumedati