Getting Over Sickness #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. I know I’ve missed the last few posts, so I wanted to provide an explanation.

Long story short, I’ve been sick.

Sick enough that I even took days off work. To be honest, I can probably count on one hand how many days I’ve taken off of work since residency. However, e I was having problems speaking clearly and powerscribe didn’t seem to like my frog voice. It became almost more efficient for me to type my reports than it did to use dictation.

Additionally, I didn’t want to get my co-workers sick either. Normally I can get over a cold in a few a days without too much issue. However, this time was kind of different. I’m not sure if it’s that I’m getting older, or it’s been unseasonably cold in Hawaii right now, or what. All I know is that I was pretty sick and I couldn’t kick it.

Oh, I see.

In general, doctors are bad patients and don’t like to get seen. My son hasn’t been feeling that well as of late either, so my wife told me to stop being a bad patient and get us both seen. Doctors really shouldn’t self-diagnose, but I’m pretty sure whatever I had wasn’t my run of the mill cold. In general, I am very against using antiobiotics and have never used them other than when required for a procedure. Thus, for the first time ever I filled a prescription for a Z-pak.

I didn’t really feel any different for the first 2 days or so. However, I felt a lot better on the 3rd day. To be honest, maybe I just jumped the gun a bit and didn’t need the Z-pak. That said, it concerned me a bit when I couldn’t get over whatever I had for more than a week.

Also, don’t worry, my son is fine. I think he just has bad seasonal allergies, which my wife used to get as well. Our house having thick carpet doesn’t help either. He didn’t need any antibiotics. In other news, he’s like really into Voltron – Defender of the Universe. I’m so proud.

My daughter had the day off today, so I took her out for another father-daughter Gen day:

Kylie at Gen, eyeing the brisket
She’s clutching her Brisket Sauce in her right hand

I think things should be back to normal for a regular Whatever Wednesdays post. I’ll see you guys then.


Recovering from some kind of sickness, bronchitis maybe? Lingering Walking Pneumonia?

Who knows. Whatever it was, it’s gone now and I feel better.

Medicine Mondays Sensei


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