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Hey everyone, I wasn’t planning to do a post on #CyberMonday… however, in my previous posts I mentioned that a LEGO Ninjago set was very unlikely ever go on sale.

However, Amazon proved me wrong with their LEGO Deal of the Day today for Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday

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Let’s jump in:

The Temple of Airjitzu which normally has an MSRP of $199.95 and is NEVER on sale for less than that is $137.02 for today only. That’s more than 30% off!

LEGO Ninjago Temple of Airjitzu 70751

If you were ever considering buying this one, this is probably one of the few times it will be on sale.

Here’s my original take on it:

“This set is a whopping $199.95, which is its MSRP. This doesn’t seem like it will change anytime soon since it came out originally in 2015.

This set is a monster with 2028 pieces and comes with 12 (yes twelve) minifigs. That includes all the Ninja, Master Wu, and some of the supporting cast. However, the major reason I am including this set is because of just how pretty it is. The design is really beautiful and it really should be a show piece. You could build this set and just leave it out with your minifigs hanging out everywhere and it would look great.

Additionally, it has places for minifigs to go everywhere both inside and outside the Temple, with more depth than the Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate weapon above. However, it also costs significantly more. Even with a decent price to piece ratio just below 10 cents per piece (at 9.9 cents per piece), it still ends up being very expensive.

I think this particular set is aimed at AFOLs (Adult Fan of Legos) because of its high price point. However, it’s “Most Majestic” for a reason.”

Long story short, if you  were like me and really liked this set but were hoping for a miracle sale on it. This is your chance!

There are a bunch of the LEGO sets which have massive discounts as well.

Here are my other favorites:

LEGO Creator Expert Ferrari F40 10248

Like The Temple of Airjitzu, this set is NEVER on sale from it’s MSRP of $99.95. For today only it’s discounted to $69.84! That’s 30%!

I talked about wanting it in my post Let’s Talk About Legos awhile ago.

So, of course I’m really excited to get it at a good price.

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Other ones which receive special mention (to me) are:

LEGO DC SUPER HERO GIRLS Eclipso Dark Palace 41239

This is a nice little set with Wonder Woman and her invisible plane. You also get the villain Eclipso in her castle (which has its own escape jet), as well as the Flash. There aren’t that many good Wonder Woman LEGO sets, but I think this is a good one.

Overall, it’s a good set, but was too expensive at the MSRP of $99.95. It has been discounted before to about $55 or so, but this is the first time it’s this cheap, at only $41.79! That’s almost 60% off!

LEGO Simpsons 71016 the Kwik-E-Mart

This is a great set of LEGO fans who are also fans of the Simpsons. This set is also very seldomly discounted from it’s MSRP of $199.99, and I’ve never see it ever discounted anywhere close to today’s deal of $139.84! That’s 30% off!

Note: The Simpsons House was recently discounted to $160 for a very short time from its MSRP of $199.95, but is now back up at its MSRP.

I doubt this set will ever go down below this price.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier

This is the big one.

This is a monster set with 2996 pieces, and it’s MSRP is a whopping $349.95. This has remained out of my price range. It’s a pretty awesome set though and would make a great show piece (and play set too!). Today it is discounted to $244.95! That’s 30% off and more than $100 off!

Unfortunately, that price is still too high for me, but for anyone who was on the fence about this set before because of its price tag… take another look.

LEGO Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 42043

I’m not really big into LEGO Technic sets (yet). However, from my research, this set is always on the list of best LEGO Technic Sets. Apparently it’s a very fun (and complex) build.

It has a fully independent suspension, 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons, and Lego power functions. There is even an automated crane arm!

It very rarely goes for less than it’s MSRP of $229.99, but for today only it’s $148.99! That’s more than 35% off!

Sorry if I’m using too many exclamation points today.

I love LEGOs as you all know, so I was super happy to see a bunch of sets on my wish list to go on sale which are heavily discounted and I wanted to share it with you guys as soon as possible, before the one day sale ends.

Just so everyone knows, I bought:

I wanted to buy more, (especially the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier), but I’ve already spent too much money, which I will have to explain to my wife as it is.

Maybe I need to make a new post called CyberMonday Keeps You in the Red instead of Black Friday.

Also… so much for Trimming the Fat — I guess I’ll be off the wagon for a little bit longer.

Whatever Wednesdays Sensei


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