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Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays… on Tuesday. Today is just a short post to explore “What is gustatory rhinitis?”. Gustatory Rhinitis? Yea. It’s kind of funny, but ever since I can remember, whenever I ate too much I would start sneezing and my nose would start running. I never really understood why. It’s kind of becoming a running joke between my wife and I because whenever I start sneezing after we eat she would know […]

What is gustatory rhinitis? #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays today (and also Cyber Monday). Today is just a “Quick Sleep Apnea Update”. Quick Sleep Apnea Update I’ve kind of chronicled my sleep apnea journey for a little while now. It’s been rough for a little bit and I can understand why people would get frustrated with the process before ever giving it a chance. That said, it’s been about a month since I started using the machine. I think […]

Quick Sleep Apnea Update #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. Today, I’m going to talk about “The Sleep Apnea Learning Curve“. The Sleep Apnea Learning Curve So I’ve been using my APAP Machine for the last few weeks. The first few nights were difficult, but after switching to the full face mask, I’ve been able to settle into somewhat of a “normalish” sleep schedule. However, it took a good week or so just to get to that level, but […]

The Sleep Apnea Learning Curve #illumedati

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Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays… but on Tuesday! Today is just a quick post for a “Sleep Apnea Update“. Sleep Apnea Update I got my APAP machine yesterday. It came with a humidifier too, which is nice. The guy helped to explain how to put it on and I looked at the different mask types. In general, the mask types are “nasal pillows”, “nasal mask”, and “face mask”. Nasal Pillows are the most minimalist version […]

Sleep Apnea Update #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. Just a short post to remind everyone about “Halloween Safety” for this Thursday. Halloween Safety? Yea. I think things have changed somewhat since I was a kid. Maybe I’m just an old man, but I feel like back then everyone kind of knew each other and had an idea of where everyone lived. I also feel like things were slower back then as well and people were just less […]

Halloween Safety #illumedati #HalloweenSafety

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. Today I’m going to talk a little bit about “Your Medical Career”. Your Medical Career I’ve talked about it a little bit before in my previous posts The New Meta of Medicine and The 20 Year Career. However, I think it’s good to re-evaluate the lives of the 4th year medical students currently in The Match. If you haven’t read any of these Match posts before, here ya go: […]

Your Medical Career #illumedati #medtwitter