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Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays, but this is more of a “Whatever Wednesdays” kind of post. Long story short, I was able to get 4 lbs of sashimi grade ahi tuna for the ridiculously cheap price of $26. Time to Learn Something New:

Learn Something New
Learn Something New

Learn Something New

I guess it’s kind of of a Finance Fridays post since I got the ahi for so cheap… right?

Anyways, you know how I talked about being “comfortable” but also “stepping outside of your comfort zone“? This is kind of like that.

It’s no secret that I love sushi/sashimi. I’ve long talked about someday going to the fish auction and buying a good chunk of ahi tuna and cutting it up myself. I mean, I’ve already done it for a tenderloin, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem right? However, I don’t really know how to choose fish and the idea of getting up at 5am to look at fish doesn’t really appeal to me.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the fishing industry here in Hawaii has seen a significant decrease in volume being sold to restaurants. As such, some of them have opened up things to the general consumer, but at (or even below) restaurant prices.

A friend of mine told me about that they were selling 4 lbs of sashimi grade ahi tuna for $26. That’s a ridiculously cheap price. However, they are only selling them in 4 lbs slabs. Some people went halfsies at 2 lbs each… As for me, being the glutton that I am, I opted to just buy 4 lbs. Mind you, no one else in my household eats sushi/sashimi/poke.



Go big or go home right? Anyways, you had to order on Monday for a Wednesday pick up so I started looking at Youtube videos. Here’s two I liked:

Anyways, I got my ahi and brought it home and here’s what I did:

The first few cuts
The first few cuts
Sashimi Slices
Sashimi Slices
Chunks for Poke
Chunks for Poke
Wednesday's Lunch
Wednesday’s Lunch

I didn’t do much to my sashimi. Just cut it from the saku blocks, put it on a paper plate, and dipped it in some soy sauce. That’s about 2 lbs worth, which, I am embarrassed to say, I ate all of in one sitting.

The other 2 lbs were made into poke chunks, one was traditional shoyu and one was spicy. I ate this on Thursday and Friday.

You can find the recipes here:

Spicy Ahi Poke, inspired by Foodland

How was it?

It was great. My sashimi slices and poke cubes weren’t pretty or anything, but the fish was fresh and the sashimi and poke were both very tasty.

Long story short, I’m glad I tried something new. However, I’ve never really been great about moderation when it comes to a ridiculous good deal. In hindsight I should have gone halfsies with someone.

I know, I know.

4 lbs is a lot and mercury poisoning is a real thing. However, all things said and done, I haven’t eaten much ahi in the last 4 months or so. In fact, I haven’t eat much ahi tuna in the last 6 months probably. Even so, I’ll still dial it back for the next few weeks, just to be safe.


Learning to cut up your own ahi tuna is fun stuff.

4 lbs of ahi tuna is probably too much for one man.

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Finance Fridays Sensei


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