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Hey everyone, just a quick update on one of the gifts I got for my wife this Christmas which has been a huge hit:

My son Lucas - aka Chocolate Ice Cream Monster
My son Lucas – aka Chocolate Ice Cream Monster

Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker

Don’t let its small size deceive you. This is a great little ice cream maker.

First a little background. My wife is pretty difficult to please when it comes to ice cream. For the most part, Haagen Daaz, Ben & Jerry’s, and the like don’t impress her. Her favorite ice cream place is actually Cold Stone Creamery… which we don’t have here in Hawaii. A distant second is probably Lappert’s over in Waikiki.

Of course, above all things she prefers gelato over ice cream. Of which, her go to is still the Nordstrom’s gelato at Ala Moana Center. However, as I’ve written before, they source their gelato from La Gelateria — down the street. You can buy a quart at a time if you’re brave.

Anyways, I’ve been trying to buy her an ice cream maker for years. However, she has always said no because she believed that no consumer machine could make ice cream that could compete.

So then, year after year, I think about buying it for, but always stop and don’t do it — worried she won’t like it and I’ll have wasted my money.

Not this year.

This year I said, I’m going to just do it and if she doesn’t like it, then at least we know. However, if she does like it, then I’ve opened up a whole new world for her.

As expected, she was not enthused when I bought it for her. However, during this Christmas break, we bought all the necessary ingredients and whipped up a batch of vanilla and chocolate.

I’m not an ice cream expert. However, I think that freshly made ice cream is completely on a different level than ice cream that has been frozen. My children love the ice cream… especially my son Lucas who loves “mommy’s chocolate ice cream” the best. My daughter prefers vanilla, but she also believes mommy’s ice cream is the best as well.

As for my wife, she says it’s not quite the best ice cream she’s ever had. However, it’s probably the best on this island of ours. Now then, she’s taken to experimenting a bit with using chocolate chips. Next, maybe we’ll try crushed oreos, or maybe some cookie dough. However, the next big thing is I think we’re going to try to make gelato. My hope is that she’ll really like that it. I’ll keep you guys updated.

On a side note, my wife now wants to quit her job as a psychiatrist and open her own ice cream shop…


If someone in your family really likes ice cream, this machine is legit.

It gets the seal of approval from the harshest of ice cream critics — my wife and kids.

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