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Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. Today is just going to be a “Quick Foodie Post”.

Garlic Tsukemen Ramen at Wagaya Ramen
Garlic Tsukemen Ramen at Wagaya Ramen

Quick Foodie Post?

Now, I’m not a “foodie” really, but I like to find good “bang for your buck” places which I add to my rotation — usually for lunch.

I had lunch with a friend of mine at Wagaya Ramen today. I had the Garlic Tsukemen Ramen ($13.95). To be honest, it was my first time having Tsukemen Ramen. For those who don’t know Tsukemen Ramen is kind of “deconstructed” ramen where you have the noodles in one bowl and the broth (and fixings) in another bowl. Then you dip the noodles in the broth and eat it that way. Also, the noodles are slightly thicker than what one would normally expect.

Long story short, it was good. I got it “spicy level 2” which was actually kind of mild (for me). I’d probably get spicy level 3 next time. Also, I would probably also add a little more noodles on top of their “regular size”. Also, parking wasn’t that bad either if you show up when they open at 11:30 am. They have 9 spots reserved just for Wagaya customers. However, I imagine for dinner it can get busy.

What’s the verdict?

To be honest, I think in terms of “punch you in the face flavor” that Agu Ramen’s Spicy Kotteri Ramen has more. However, ramen is so interesting because there are so many different variations for which everyone has their own unique tastes. Unfortunately for me, because the Agu Ramen in Ward (my go to spot) closed, I probably won’t get to their Waikiki location, like ever. For that reason, Wayaga Ramen likely slots into the rotation. Like I said, I’d likely go for more noodles and more spicy next time, but we’ll see.

What about Goma Tei?

I still like Goma Tei’s Tan Tan Char Siu Ramen over in Ward. It’s been my go-to for a long time in terms of bank for your buck. However, they raised their prices a bit recently. Before it was in a good “bang for your buck” realm. Now it has kind of elevated itself to “slightly expensive” in my opinion and has since fallen out of my rotation.

This may be a good thing though, because now I’m going to try some more Ramen places rather than staying with old faithful.

Anything else?

Yea, I went to Shabuya the other day, which is an All-You-Can-Eat Shabu Shabu place. To be honest, I was pretty disappointed overall, even though the meat quality itself was pretty good. It was simply too expensive (to me) for what it is. However, in general I prefer grill over hot pot, so it may not be a fair comparison.

However, I did discover that I love Goma sauce. I think I could probably eat it with anything – even salad maybe! I kind of want to try making my own. There are a bunch of recipes online, but I think I would probably try this one. People seem to think it’s pretty easy to make. I wanted my kids to try it and see what they think, we’ll see.


A new ramen place added to the rotation.

Goma sauce is something I want to start making.

Is there some place you think I should try? Let me know.

Whatever Wednesdays Sensei


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