Catching Up #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. This isn’t really a complete post today, but more of just cleaning up some old posts and follow-up. To today, we’re just going to be Catching Up.

Snoring Update

I’ve had some ups and downs with my snoring tube things. They worked really well for the first few weeks, but then something changed and they started to not work. This was primarily because they kept falling out of my nose while I slept.

After a little bit of experimenting, it seems that getting these things snug in your nose takes a little bit of effort. You kind of need to figure out how to keep the nasal airways open, but not be too uncomfortable, but also snug enough to not fall out. I tried all the different sizes the set came with and I’ve finally settled on the largest one.

This contrasts from my initial feeling that the 2nd to largest one was probably the best. More so than that, it does take a little bit of tuning to figure out how to get these things in your nose and comfortable. What I’ve found seems to work is to put them in and then turn both of them slightly inward ~20 degrees or so. This seems to create the little bit of extra tension necessary to keep them in my nose over the course of an entire night. This doesn’t work 100%, but it does seem to be working better as of late. I’ll update you guys again soon.

The Dodgers

My boys in blue have been doing quite well lately. More so than that, my boy Max Muncy seems to be starting out on a little bit of a hot streak with his 2 home runs last night and almost a 3rd that same night. I’m hoping he goes on a tear these last few games before the All-Star Break.

Losing Corey Seager to what appears to be a hamstring injury worries me. I am hopeful that he’ll be back in the lineup in the next 6 weeks, but I’d rather he be completely healthy than rush him back in.

The bullpen still needs help. It’s getting later in the season and we’re still kind of missing someone we can really count on to bridge the gap between the starters and our closer Kenley Jansen. This may be an unfavorable opinion, but I still do hope that Joe Kelly will be that guy. We’ve invested a lot in him, and his stuff is electric.


I’ve been very quiet on crypto lately because there hasn’t been much to say. The technology is just starting to come out of its infancy. My unpopular opinion is that Bitcoin will not be the end-all be-all of cryptocurrency. I don’t really pay much attention to any changes in price right now since to me it doesn’t really matter.

I still hold steadfast in my belief that Cardano (ADA) and Ripple (XRP) will be important cryptocurrencies in the next 5-10 years — maybe sooner.

Cardano will be starting their Shelley testnet soon, and I’m pretty interested in learning about it and running my own small stakepool.

We’ll see what happens.


Just a short post about Snoring, my Dodgers, and Crypto.

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