Chuck E Cheese Token Economy Update #illumedati 1

Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. This is just a short post about the Chuck E Cheese Token Economy Update.

Chuck E Cheese Token Economy Update

Chuck E Cheese Token Economy Update

Chuck E Cheese Token Economy Update

So far, everything is going pretty well. However, I thought it would be good to do a quick update on how things are going.

The Chuck E Cheese Token Economy is progressing. Interestingly, there was a little bit of a rivalry between Kylie and Lucas about who was getting tokens faster. Kylie would count her tokens and then count Lucas’s to see who had more. It took a little bit of explaining, but we tried to reassure her that it wasn’t a contest.

This isn’t a zero sum game. There is no winner or loser.

Lucas has his goals and Kylie has her own goals. Neither conflict with the other. Lucas getting tokens doesn’t mean he is taking them from Kylie and vice versa.

However, you can understand how a 5 year old might think this way.

So far, the token economy has worked out ok. Lucas still needs some reminding to keep his eye on the prize, however, I think he does understand its intrinsic value. That said, we did lower the goal for Chuck E Cheese to 25 from 50 for him. Like I said before, he needs to know that there is a payoff at the end. So, this initial reward will be easier to achieve than any other subsequent rewards… and I think that’s ok.

Long story short, a trip to Chuck E Cheese is likely in my immediate future — sooner than expected. However, I think this will do wonders for the kids in terms of their understanding of delayed gratification and working toward a goal later on. At least I hope so.


Chuck E Cheese Token Economy is in full effect.

We’ve moved the goal line a little closer for Lucas, just for this time.

I’ll be going to Chuck E Cheese soon.

Finance Fridays Sensei


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