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Hi everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays and this is kind of a random topic. However, I ran into some problems with how to move 4k videos off my iPhone and this is the solution I found and wanted to share with you guys. So let’s talk about Transferring 4k Videos from iPhone to PC.

Transferring 4k Videos from iPhone to PC

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So what’s up?

So, you may recall that I recently got an iPhone X which is a pretty significant upgrade compared to my old iPhone 6 Plus. Like I’ve stated, the camera is significantly better. However, what I am really excited about is the ability to shoot 4k video, which I couldn’t do before.

As you may know, 4k video is pretty memory intensive and shooting even a few minutes can make for some pretty large file sizes. For example, I just shot an 11 minute video for my daughter’s YouTube channel and it ended up being 1.76 gb of data. Obviously I can’t keep shooting video like that and leaving it on my phone. Although my phone can hold 256 gb, that will be eaten up very quickly if I keep the 4k videos on them.

Previously I just backed up my wife’s phone and my phone every few months, pulling all of the videos/images off of them. When it comes to these videos for Kylie’s YouTube, I was just backing them up near immediately to Google. This was fine when I was shooting at 1080p because Google accepts that. However, now that I’m trying to shoot at 4k, Google downsizes it to 1080p. This kind of defeats the purpose of shooting in 4k.

So what’d you do?

Well I was looking for another way to get just these 4k videos off my phone and onto my PC more easily. The Microsoft Photos App should be the easiest solution. Unfortunately, it always gives me problems finding my iPhone when I’m plugged in. So I started looking for other options.

There are various programs that are out there that try to be an “alternative to iTunes”. This is great since I really dislike iTunes. However, the vast majority of these programs are not free. Additionally, some of them have malware and/or adware associated with them.

I also experimented with using DropBox and Amazon Drive, but for some reason moving the videos from my phone to those sites was very slow compared to Google. In a pinch I could use either of them, but I really wanted an easier, more efficient fix.

After a little bit of time and searching, I found this program:

EaseUS MobiMover

I think it is true freeware. There is a “pro” option for $39.95 which provides lifetime upgrades and support. However, from what I can tell the program is not restricted at all compared to the pro version. Overall, I’m pretty happy with what it gives me and am considering getting pro just to support them.

Basically, I wanted something to move certain movies from iPhone to my computer, so I could quickly edit and upload them. Obviously, using a lightning cable is significantly faster than using WiFi. Also, if I used WiFi, I’d have to send it to DropBox or Amazon Drive and then redownload it.

The UI/UX is pretty intuitive. For me:

  • Open program
  • Click Custom
  • Choose Videos and Photo Videos in the left side bar
  • Click on the certain movies I want to move
  • Click the Transfer to Computer in the tip right corner
  • Choose the Folder on my Desktop
  • and then it sends the Videos over

Ez Pz.

This program isn’t all that new, as it came out October 31, 2017. However, I wanted to share it with everyone here in case they were having a similar problem to me.

There may be other, better alternatives, but this one works for my purposes.


Need a program to move your 4K movies from your iPhone to your PC?

Check out: EaseUS MobiMover

Just for the sake of transparency, I have no financial relationship with this company.

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2 thoughts on “Transferring 4k Videos from iPhone to PC #illumedati

  • Kyle

    What is the difference between this, and just plugging your iphone directly into the computer, navigating to My PC, and dragging the file into a folder? Is there a specific benefit to doing it this way?

    • Sensei Post author

      This may have been fixed recently.

      However, back when I made that post, getting videos off of your iPhone X and onto your PC was not intuitive. The iPhone X uses a different kind of file type for its videos which is the HEVC (H265) type. For this reason, you couldn’t tell which videos were what until after you moved them. For me, as I only needed to move certain videos off, it was easier to use this other program.

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