PPD Day #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays and this post is wayyyyyyyyyy late. Let me try to explain by saying today was “PPD Day”. This will be a very short post.


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“PPD Day”?

Yes, PPD, as in purified protein derivative or Mantoux test, which is used in Tuberculin Skin Testing (TST).

You see, my son needs a PPD because he’s moving on to preschool.

Luckily, here in Hawaii, PPD testing is free for school children and the testing center is quick and efficient. However, I just wanted to take this time to reiterate that while it may seem like a chore to get your PPD placed as a health care provider so often, that it does serve a very real and very important purpose.

Like the flu vaccine, this testing is not just for the person getting tested. It is for the greater good of limiting exposure to Tuberculosis (TB), especially to those who are immunocompromised. It also helps to find people who have been exposed and their contacts. This information will be helpful to contain any potential outbreak.

By the way, my son did fine with Tuberculin Skin Test. However, I did have to tell him not to scratch it. We’ll be back on Wednesday or Thursday to get it read.

My daughter also made a new friend while we were waiting in line, who shared a sticker of Maui with her.

Anything else?

Earlier this morning, I went with my daughter on a field trip this morning to make a gingerbread house. She had a lot of fun.

We also went to Marukame Udon and got some Sweet Beef Udon, Onion Bomb, Chicken Katsu, Mushroom Tempura, and Spam Musubi.

Kylie Udon

Marukame Udon and Smiles


Getting your PPD may seem like a chore, especially for us health care workers, since we must get them so often.

However, never forget that it serves a very real and very important purpose.

Also, my daughter and I love Marukame Udon.


Medicine Mondays Sensei


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