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Before I jump in to today’s Medicine Mondays post, I wanted to take the time to say I’m going to be including the #illumedati hashtag in my post titles. I was originally going to use #mederatti, but #illumedati sounds better. (Thanks @datinglikewhat)

I would like to invite any other medicine bloggers to use this hashtag as a way to index their posts. There are a lot of good medical blogs out there. However, because we’re busy doctors, med students, or pre-meds, some of them are updated infrequently and it is hard to keep track of them I think.

Additionally, I’m not sure my blog really fits the normal “medical blog” archetype since I am more of a medicine, potpourri, and finance blogger rather than only focusing on medicine. For this reason, I think #illumedati fits since it’s kind of a fun name, and maybe too “off topic” sometimes for #medtwitter. As you can tell, my tone/culture for this blog are pretty casual and I’d like to keep it that way.

For instance, the current most relevant post on #illumedati is:

I think this sums up what #illumedati is all about. Fun stuff you didn’t know you needed.

Use this hashtag for your medicine-related blog and any stuff that is sort-of related to medicine.

Also, I think #sockmedtwitter should be a thing:

Medicine Mondays post will be done in the next hour or so… it’s late because [[[MONDAYS]]].

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