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Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays and I’m here to talk about my day and why this post is both late and short. So let’s talk about Sensei being a Sloth.

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So what happened today?

Well, today is one of my normal days off that I get because of compressed work schedule (and working every other weekend). So it started like any normal day off. I helped my wife get the kids ready for pre-school around 630am. My wife left for work around 7am. She took my little car because I needed to take her car in for service today. My in-laws went to drop the kids off at daycare.

So then I went and go ready for the day after 7 am and left to drop her car off at the service station around 8am. I got to the service station at 830am and dropped the car off. The shuttle wasn’t set to leave until 9am. So I hung out and watched their TV and read some car magazines from 2014 while I waited.

The shuttle came at 9 am and I left with the driver and 3 other people. I was dropped off 2nd and got home around 930am.

You would think that oh, 930? No problem, that’s plenty of time. He can just go through his list of posts that he wants to write and whip something up by noon (3pm PST, 6pm EST) right?

Technically, yes.

However, in actuality, I made the mistake of walking by my bed. My bed seemed very, very comfortable. So I made the executive decision to just grab a nap for an hour.

Also, in my infinite wisdom, I decided that I didn’t need to set an alarm because hey, I wasn’t tired enough to nap more than an hour. I got my normal 8 hours of sleep the night before, right?

Ok… so when did you wake up?

1230pm (330 pm PST, 630 pm EST)

How does this happen? How did I take a 3 hour nap in the morning, after getting a normal 8 hours of sleep the night before.

Apparently, I channeled my inner sloth and became a NAPPING MASTER.

Did anything else happen?

Yes. The car service place called at around 11am to tell me the car was ready. Of course, I missed this call at 11am because I was asleep, and called them back at 1230pm when I woke up. The next available shuttle won’t be able to take me to get the car until around 230pm.

The implication was that if I had answered the call at 11am, I would probably already have my wife’s car home safe and sound. Instead, I am sitting here typing this post and waiting for the shuttle to be available to come pick me up.

Also, I haven’t eaten.

And there you have it, that’s been my Lazy Wednesday.


Read above to learn how to channel your inner sloth and sleep the day away.

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