Medicine Mondays Roadmap #illumedati

So I’ve actually written a good amount of Medicine Mondays posts now. I thought it was good idea to try to create a Medicine Mondays Roadmap of some good posts.

I also tried to organize an order to read them in. So pour some coffee, sit back, relax and click on some of these links:


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You’re a pre-med and want to know about medical school:

The Track

Falling Off the Track

Past, Present and Future Me

Not in Medicine Mondays, but related:

Caribbean Medical School

Caribbean Medical Schools Part Two

You’re a medical student:

How to Crush Your Rotations (Guest Post)

Choosing a Specialty

Residency Interviews

“The File”

Not in Medicine Mondays, but included for completeness’s sake.

Traveling for Interviews

Preparing to start residency:

Survival Mode

How to be a Good Intern

Time of Death

Being Human

Not in Medicine Mondays, but related:

Mr. Smith and Dr. Jones

You’re a resident or attending:

How to be a Good Resident

How to be a Good Attending (Academic Edition)

Maintenance of Certification

Maintenance of Certification – AMA Update

You’re finishing residency/fellowship:

Choosing Your First Job

Malpractice Insurance

Physician Contracts

Physician Contracts Part Two

Physician Contracts Part Three

Physician Health and Well-Being

Bad Doctor, Good Doctor, Bad for Doctor

Good Doctors are Bad Patients

Physician Suicide

Medicine Topics in 2016

Hepatitis A Outbreak


Artificial Intelligence in Medicine


I realize the navigation for this site is kind of clunky and cumbersome because of the weird breadth of topics I cover, so I tried to make a “roadmap” for Medicine Mondays.

It’s slightly more organized than my Start Here page, which I will also update. I hope you guys find it helpful.



What do you think about this Roadmap? Helpful?

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