Happy New Year!

New Year, New You… or something… right?

I bought this domain almost a year ago with a plan to go live with this site on January 1st. So after a ton of procrastinating, here it is!

This blog is about “Life after Med School”. This is primarily because I am a physician and that is where my expertise lies. However, I realized that my plan is really more about “real life”, ie. life after college, or life after graduate school. For this reason, I have expanded my scope and I plan to post three times a week, MWF:

Medicine Mondays – posts related to medicine and/or being a doctor (at least tangentially)

Whatever Wednesdays – posts related to general life experiences (Insurance, Adulting 101 – Intro to Adulting, Adulting 201 – Upper Level Adulting, etc.) or maybe even off-topic completely

Finance Fridays – posts related to Finance, Investment, and Retirement

Posts will be published at 12pm PST. Every post will have TL;DR section as the end for those who just want to see if the post is worth reading.

This blog is constantly a work in progress and my New Year’s resolution for 2016 is to stick to the schedule I’ve set up.

For now, go ahead and check out:

Student Loans – Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

About – Who is Sensei?

Dr. Who? Dr. You – A financial planning check list I created during fellowship.

The Curious Case of Dr. Lee – My friend’s financial planning checklist with my comments and recommendations.

This is my mascot, Bunny Sensei.

Thanks for stopping by. I will spending the next few months creating content for Match Day – 3-18-2016 and Beyond.

Please subscribe to be informed of new content as it becomes available and like my facebook page and twitter posts. My goal is to provide guidance to debt-saddled medical students and other young professionals coming out, so please spread the word to your colleagues as well.


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