I forgot to post today, because I am coming off my 8 day shift and I needed to get ready to go on a little weekend staycation with the family. My wife, the kids, and I will be going for a little staycation pretty close to here (staying on island). Grandma and Poppop will be staying home and doing some relaxing. They’ll probably go out for a nice dinner, without having to worry about the […]


Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays and I was going to talk about the Online Longitudinal Assessment today… but a few things happened: I didn’t do mine yet. My vacuum cleaner broke and I need to go buy a new one. My daughter needs a bigger bike. My son needs a hair cut. I’m hungry. So today’s post is just a post to celebrate Martin Luther King and everything he did — and not about Online […]

Martin Luther King Day 2019 #illumedati

Technical Difficulties? So it’s Medicine Mondays and I was ready to write a post about the new Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA) which recently went live for us radiologists. However, I decided to update a few plugins before I wrote my article — which turned out to be a big mistake because it made my website go down for awhile. Apparently one of the new updates for the plugin didn’t work correctly and I couldn’t even […]

Technical Difficulties

Ok, so I forgot to write an article today… it’s supposed to be Finance Fridays and I was going to talk about Suze Orman, FIRE, and $5 million. However… I was busy with a lot of other stuff today and didn’t get to it. My apologies. That said, I was able to catch most of the 18 inning World Series Game 3, some on the TV, some on my phone, some on the radio. As […]

Max Muncy World Series Walk Off Home Run #dodgers #maxmuncy

Just a post to tell you there is no real post today. I totally forgot today was Monday since I was concentrating on getting my new washer delivered and trying to get the refund done on my old washer. My apologies.  

No Post Today

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. However, there is no real post from me today. Hurricane Lane was downgraded to a tropical storm and I was lucky in that not much happened to me here on Oahu. There was some wind and rain and some people did lose power briefly, however, Oahu was pretty lucky I think overall. That said, Hurricane Lane brought torrential rain on the Big Island and fires on Maui. I am hopeful […]

I’m Back! #illumedati