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Hey guys, it’s Medicine Mondays again. Remember my previous post “I’m Leaving Medicine”? Well, I recently caught up with the friend of mine who was/is planning to leave medicine, hence the title: Let’s Talk About Leaving Medicine. Stock Photo from: Pexels Slight edit: 3-20-2017 @ ~ 5:45 pm PST, fixed some small calculation errors. So like I was saying, I was just talking to my friend and he linked me this article: Retired at 37: […]

Let’s Talk About Leaving Medicine #illumedati

Happy Halloween Everyone! Please be safe out there. After you’ve had your fill of trick or treats, click here for something really scary. Stock Photo From: Pixabay And… just for laughs: Happy Halloween! #medtwitter #illumedati — Senior Resident, MD (@ResidentSensei) November 1, 2016   -Sensei Questions, Comments and Suggestions are welcome. You don’t need to fill out your email address, just write your name or nickname.

Happy Halloween 2016! #illumedati

In my previous two posts, Retiring Early and How To Retire Early, I went through my approach to retiring early. However, this is a case of “Do as I say, not as I do”. While I advise/advocate for planning to retire early, I am not necessarily doing it. In the comments of Retiring Early, TheHappyPhilosopher states: “I contend it is stupidly easy for a physician to retire at age 55, and the only reason one shouldn’t […]

Early Retirement is Easy?

This is copied from my recent Quora answer. I am 25 and applying to a pre med program in the Caribbean, I’ve never taken any medical college courses before, should I take a couple at a local CC? First things first. I am a graduate from a Caribbean Medical School, so I am somewhat qualified to answer this question. That link which will take you to my blog post on the subject as a primer […]

Caribbean Medical Schools Part Two

So when people talk about finance, investment, retirement, etc. they always just throw 3 numbers at you (529 – College Savings Plan is one of them). “I maxed my 401k, but need to rebalance my 403b. Then I need to contribute some more to my 457b. I also need to set up that 529 for my kids.” These three numbers refer to the Internal Revenue Code subsection. So they sound scary, but they’re really not, it’s all related […]

What is a 529?

Match Day has come and gone. A whirlwind of emotions has hit medical students on that day. Some joy, some of ambivalence, some of disappointment. However, no matter what emotion you feel that day, you will need to start planning for lays ahead of you. The rest of your 4th year should be relatively easy as you will probably need to spend some time finding a new place to live and things like that. Please refer […]

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