Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays. First of all, I apologize that this is late. I’m working nights this week and after waking up to help my wife get the kids ready for daycare, I slept in past my normal alarm. Nonetheless, today we’re going to continue talking about Roth 401k/403b in Residency Portfolios. Stock Photo from: Pexels In my prior post Roth 401k/403b in Residency How To, I went over the basics of putting together a Roth […]

Roth 401k/403b in Residency Portfolios #illumedati

Hi guys, it’s Finance Fridays. I apologize for the late post, but this will be a short post. It’s just a follow up to a prior post, a Roth 401/403b in Residency How To. Stock Photo from: Pixabay So that Match has come and gone and you will start receiving these packets from your residency programs. Most of this paperwork isn’t too difficult and just relates to identifying information and other things that should be in “The […]

Roth 401k/403b in Residency How To #illumedati

Hey guys, It’s Finance Fridays again, and I’m here to talk about the “Pay Yourself First” concept. This should be a relatively short post, but still very important. Stock Photo from: Pexels What do you mean “pay yourself first”? This is actually a concept in most, if not all retirement books/articles. Essentially, when you receive your paycheck, before spending even a penny of it on anything else, you set aside money for your saving/retirement. If you already […]

Pay Yourself First #illumedati

You might be saying to yourself… what is Sensei talking about? Has he eaten a bad malasada or something? What is The New Meta of Medicine #illumedati? Stock Photo from: Pexels What is “the new meta”? So “the new meta” is actually video game terminology, primarily used in League of Legends. From stackexchange: “Meta is the current set style, per say. it is what is normally done. like ap mid, solo top, jungle, shields are becomeing more […]

The New Meta of Medicine #illumedati

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll note a lot of things that come up over and over. This includes being behind on retirement and needing to catch up, as its a common theme throughout the Finance Fridays section of my site. The major problem is finding the best way to maximize the money you save toward retirement to “catch up”. Well, the cornerstone is still 401k/403b and 457 (if available). However, now I’m going to […]

Backdoor Roth IRA and Why You Need One #illumedati

I know, I know, I know… it’s Medicine Mondays, not Finance Fridays. However, like I alluded to on my prior posts: Spousal IRA and Talking to Med Student Me, this is at least circumferentially related to Medicine Mondays, since it is a very small window of opportunity for which utilizing a Roth carries significant advantages. Stock Photo from: Pexels So what is a Roth 401k/403b? I’ve talked a little about the differences between regular 401k/403bs […]

Roth 401k/403b in Residency #illumedati