Bitcoin for Hawaii Wave 1
Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. I wasn’t planning to do another Crypto post, but I wanted to do a follow-up to my previous posts “No Bitcoin for Hawaii” and “How to Buy Bitcoin in Hawaii“. Today we’re going to talk briefly about “Bitcoin (and Crypto) for Hawaii?” — Sorry for the late post (explanation at the end) So… Hawaii can haz Bitcoin? In my prior posts I talked about how it was very difficult […]

Bitcoin (and Crypto) for Hawaii? #illumedati

The Flu and You
Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. I’ve been feeling a little sick this past weekend and today. I don’t think it’s the flu, but it might be. So today I wanted to talk about “The Flu and You”. The Flu and You Previously, I tried to remind everyone how important getting your PPD placed was as health care providers. However, today I want to focus on how important getting your flu shot is. The truth […]

The Flu and You #illumedati

529s and the New Tax Law 2018
Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. I’ve been talking way too much about cryptocurrency lately, so today I wanted to do something different. Today we’re going to talk about 529s and the New Tax Law 2018. New Year, New Taxes So in the new year, I received a nice little notice from my 529 – Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) account. It talks about the implications of the new federal tax law and how it could […]

529s and the New Tax Law 2018 #illumedati

Ripple - To The Moon!
Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays… and I forgot it was Friday. I’m not sure how this happened. Needless to say, I don’t have a post ready, so I’ll just leave you with this “Ripple… To The Moon!” For those who don’t know what I mean, just look at this: You might think this is not that significant… but you may have missed that this chart is only for one day. Ripple went from ~$1.50 to almost $3. […]

Ripple… To The Moon! #illumedati

New Year's 2018
Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. I hope everyone had a nice Holiday. As we inch closer to the end of the year, it’s a time for introspection, but also a time for looking forward to the future. So today I’m going to talk about my “New Year’s Resolutions 2018“. New Year’s Resolutions 2018 Just so we’re clear, I don’t normally do the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing. However, because I have a lot of […]

New Year’s Resolutions 2018 #illumedati

The 4 Pillars of (Crypto) Investing
Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again… and I’ve been posting wayyyyy to much about Crypto lately. However, that’s kind of what is interesting right now and people seem to want to know more about. So today I’m going to talk about “The 4 Pillars of (Crypto) Investing”. The 4 Pillars of (Crypto) Investing? Yea. This is a play-on-words, since there are a lot of books which use the term “pillars”, and more specifically it refers […]

The 4 Pillars of (Crypto) Investing #illumedati