Medicine Mondays

Hey everyone it’s Medicine Mondays again. And… I just realized it’s July… Everyone knows what that means, right? What does it mean? It means it’s time for the new interns to start! However, it’s already July 2nd so that means the first day is already over.. and the first day is the hardest. For some it may be harder than others, for example if you started on the ICU or night float or trauma or […]

I just realized it’s July… #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. Today is going to be a somewhat reflective and introspective post about “Your Medical Career“. For all the new interns starting in July… how long do you plan to practice? Your Medical Career? Yea. I’ve touched upon this subject a few times since I’ve been writing my blog. Of course, my experience may not be the same as everyone else’s. However, I think that when people decide to become […]

Your Medical Career #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. Today I’m going to talk about something that is kind of difficult to explain, but is best summed up as “Gut Feeling“. What do you mean “Gut Feeling”? Well, the idea of a gut feeling is kind of a general one. I’ve talked about it before when it comes to choosing a residency. However, in today’s post we’re talking about the gut feeling in regards to being in the […]

Gut Feeling #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again today. Today is just going to be a short post: “Use a Helmet“. Use a Helmet My daughter has been trying to learn how to ride her bike again. It’s been a little difficult for her since we don’t really have a big flat cul-de-sac or a quiet street for her to practice on. For this reason, the bike we bought for her almost two years ago hasn’t gotten […]

Use a Helmet #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. This is “kind of” medicine related. Today I’m going to talk about “What is Tommy John Surgery?” What is “Tommy John Surgery”? Just so we’re clear, that picture isn’t Tommy John, it’s just some left handed pitcher I found on Pexels. I also want to be clear that I’m not an orthopedic surgeon, but I am a doctor — so I’m going to try my best to explain what […]

What is Tommy John Surgery? #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. I don’t have all that much to talk about so I’m just going to do a stream of conscious type of post about “I’m 37 today“, I’m 37 today Am I an old man yet? Let me reminisce a little… A lot has happened since I was a kid. It doesn’t seem all that long ago when I was in elementary school… I was just always expected to get […]

I’m 37 today #illumedati