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Hey everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again… and this is kind of a followup to my previous post, Choosing Your First Job. This post will go into a little more depth about The First Job, more specifically, about choosing a first job with a “temporary” mindset. Stock Photo from: Pexels What do you mean by “Temporary First Job”? Well, I think a few things go through your mind when it’s your last year of residency/fellowship. After […]

The (Temporary) First Job #illumedati

Hi guys, it’s Medicine Mondays, and most of my posts recently have been focused on the post-match preparation for internship. Today, I’m going to switch gears for a second to talk about Development Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH). This was previously known as “Congenital Dislocation of the Hip” but that name has now fallen out of favor because it is a misnomer. So then, What is Development Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH)? Stock Photo from: Pixabay […]

What is Development Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH)? #illumedati

Hey everyone! It’s Medicine Mondays, and the last few months have been filled with Match Day Excitement and my Post-Match Checklist. This continued into The House Buying Itch – Post-Match Edition. I do plan to continue on with an interview series about buying a house in residency with Dr. E and Dr. K, however, I haven’t been able to talk to them yet. But it’s now the end of April, so instead of Post-Match, it’s […]

Pre-Residency Evaluation #illumedati

Hey everyone… it’s Medicine Mondays. I hope everyone had a Happy Easter weekend. It’s kind of ironic, that I’m posting late about “Why Does Medicine Move So Slowly?” I was supposed to post more about The House Buying Itch, but I wasn’t able to talk to my colleagues about their experiences with buying houses as residents. Rather than push out an unfinished post, I decided to switch gears, with plan to return to The House […]

Why Does Medicine Move So Slowly? #illumedati

Hey guys, it’s Medicine Mondays.. and while buying a house may seem like a Whatever Wednesdays post, I think this particular post fit Medicine Mondays better since it pertains to this critical post match period. So let’s talk about The House Buying Itch – Post Match Edition. Stock Photo from: Pexels I’ve talked about Buying a House before in multiple prior posts: The House Buying Itch – Medical Student Edition Buying a House Closing Costs […]

The House Buying Itch – Post Match Edition #illumedati

Hi everyone, it’s Medicine Mondays again. Today is going to be a short post about Mentors and Why You Need Them. Stock Photo from: Pixabay What do you mean by “mentors”? A long time ago, the mentor-protegé relationship was usually very restricted. For example, a classic mentor-protegé relationship would be Socrates, who taught Plato, who taught Aristotle. However, I think it was more of a master-apprentice relationship. However, a long time ago, people were born, […]

Mentors and Why You Need Them #illumedati