Hi everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays again. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I bought my first house about a year ago in 2016. I wanted to get Solar Panels (with an Update post) before the tax credit ran out in 2019. My timeline for getting the Solar Panels was pushed forward slightly because I had to get a new roof. I opted for a Metal Roof. So this post is going to ponder “Should Metal Roofs […]

Should Metal Roofs be the Standard? #illumedati

Hey guys, It’s Finance Fridays again, and I’m here to talk about the “Pay Yourself First” concept. This should be a relatively short post, but still very important. Stock Photo from: Pexels What do you mean “pay yourself first”? This is actually a concept in most, if not all retirement books/articles. Essentially, when you receive your paycheck, before spending even a penny of it on anything else, you set aside money for your saving/retirement. If you already […]

Pay Yourself First #illumedati

I do realize that it’s Post-Election Day 2016 – 11-9-2016. Trump won. However, I try to keep my blog as politics-free as possible.  So, for that reason, I’m going to talk about something completely unrelated: Solar Power and Tesla. So as I’ve already stated before, I live in Hawaii and I recently bought a house in January. There are many things I want to do to renovate and fix up my house in next 5-10 years. However, […]

Solar Power and Tesla

So in my last post, I talked about Buying a House. At the end of the post, I alluded to the costs of buying a house that most people may not really think about or consider as a 1st time home buyer. I was vaguely aware of the “closing costs” when buying my first house since I had seen those shows in HGTV like Property Virgins and the like. However, after actually getting my offer accepted, […]

Closing Costs

Ok, so I repeatedly advise residents and young attendings to please, Please, PLEASE do not buy a house. If you haven’t read them already, read these posts: The House Buying Itch – Medical Student Edition Priorities, 2 and 3 For this reason, this particular post is about buying a house 3+ years after becoming an attending. I am making these assumptions: You have a stable job that you like. You are in an area you plan […]

Buying a House

Ok, let’s talk about The House Buying Itch – Medical Student Edition. Renting sucks. You’re paying someone else money every month and so you feel like you’re lighting money on fire every month. Money that you really need. Money that you could be using on other things, LOTS OF OTHER THINGS. You feel like a sucker or a chump paying some landlord of a rental management company every month. You’re an ideal tenant…  You’ve never […]

The House Buying Itch – Medical Student Edition