Finance Fridays

Here’s the Finance Fridays Roadmap Update 10-6-2017: So pour some coffee, sit back, relax and click on some of these links: Stock Photo From: Pixabay I cleaned up this post a bit for this update since we have a lot of posts to deal with now: I added bullets and made some subheadings and I’m hoping that will make it easier to navigate. I don’t know anything about Finance and Investing: Talking the Talk Priorities […]

Finance Fridays Roadmap Update 10-6-2017 #illumedati

Why Do Doctors Buy Big Houses?
Hey everyone, we’re going to switch gears for a second this Finance Fridays off of the “Let’s Gamble” and things outside of The Philosophy to contemplate a question. Let’s explore “Why do Doctors Buy Big Houses?” Of course, this question has an inherent generalization. Obviously not all doctors buy big houses. However, please bear with me and let’s just assume that a majority of physicians do buy big houses. So then “Why Do Doctors Buy […]

Why do Doctors Buy Big Houses? #illumedati

Cryptocurrency Volatility
Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. The last few weeks we’ve talked about Gambling and Bitcoin and stuff. Today I’m going to a short post about Cryptocurrency Volatility. In my previous posts I highlighted that cryptocurrency is at its core, the highest stakes of gambling. By buying cryptocurrency you are part of a group trying to assign value to something that currently has an unknown value and nothing to back it. Now, I’ve also explained […]

Cryptocurrency Volatility #illumedati

The Long Bet
Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays. Today, I’m doing a short detour from my Let’s Gamble posts. In my previous posts, I’ve talked about The Philosophy and Index Funds and how as a Boglehead I believe that is the best way to invest. You may also recall that I mentioned “The Long Bet” between Warren Buffett and a Hedge Fund. Where is that now? Let’s talk about Warren Buffett’s Long Bet. What is the “The Long […]

Warren Buffett’s Long Bet #illumedati

Pocket Aces
Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays and I was all set to continue my “Let’s Gamble” segment in regards to Cryptocurrency. However, I ran into some problems, and so I’ll take some time here to discuss them today in my post “No Bitcoin for Hawaii”. So after some deliberation, I decided I was going to buy $1000 worth of cryptocurrency and then just let it sit for 20 years and just watch how it did. I thought […]

No Bitcoin for Hawaii #illumedati

Let's Gamble with Cryptocurrency
Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again and I’m going to continue with my series about Cryptocurrency. This is going to be a “Let’s Gamble” segment where I talk about things I wouldn’t normally do, which is speculation. This, at its core, is really just gambling. So without further ado: Let’s Gamble with Cryptocurrency. Ok, first things first. Everything I’m about to say is completely against The Philosophy. This post is mostly meant to be speculative […]

Let’s Gamble with Cryptocurrency #illumedati