Finance Fridays

Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. Today we’re going to talk about the pretty simple concept of “Books are Unlimited“. Books are Unlimited? Yea. So remember how I talked about Non-Monetary Returns on Investment? This kind of follows along those lines. Like I’ve talked about before, I think loving to read and a thirst for knowledge is very important. I didn’t realize how important it was until I was much, much older of course. The […]

Books are Unlimited #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. Today is just a short post about “The Social Media Joneses“. The Social Media Joneses? I don’t really use facebook or instagram or social media all that much. I don’t even really keep up with twitter that much anymore. However, I just want to remind everyone that what people show on social media is usually not real life. The “Keeping up with the Joneses” mentality is exacerbated by social media: The […]

The Social Media Joneses #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays. Today is just a short post stating “Money isn’t real” for everyone to ponder. This picture isn’t really related to the topic. It’s a just a cute Maneki-neko I found on Pexels. “Money is just a tool.” “A means to an end.” So, in reality, in this rat race to try to obtain as money as possible, you should probably ask yourself, what is your end. Or, if you want to take it […]

Money isn’t real #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. Today we’re going to talk about “Non-Monetary Return on Investments“. Non-Monetary Return on Investments? Yea. Basically, in general, when you talk about investments, you expect a return on your investment in terms of money (monetary). However, in this post I’m going to talk about investments we make with expected non-monetary returns in nature. The “dividends” or “interest” you receive from your investment will not be in monetary form. It’s […]

Non-Monetary Returns on Investments #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. Today I’m going to try to simplify some things… we’re going to discuss “Stuff versus Time”. Stuff versus Time? Yea. So, to step back a bit, this blog is mostly about taking responsibility for your finances and being in charge of your retirement. However, I do also talk about Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE), and things like that as well. In general, I talk a lot about mindset. Like […]

Stuff versus Time and physician FIRE comments #illumedati

Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. Today, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane and look at some my financial decisions, just remember “Hindsight is 20/20“. Hindsight is 20/20? What do you mean? It’s an idiom, and it means ” In hindsight things are obvious that were not obvious from the outset; one is able to evaluate past choices more clearly than at the time of the choice.” Please note that I would not change anything […]

Hindsight is 20/20 #illumedati