Bitcoin for Hawaii Wave 1
Hey everyone, it’s Finance Fridays again. I wasn’t planning to do another Crypto post, but I wanted to do a follow-up to my previous posts “No Bitcoin for Hawaii” and “How to Buy Bitcoin in Hawaii“. Today we’re going to talk briefly about “Bitcoin (and Crypto) for Hawaii?” — Sorry for the late post (explanation at the end) So… Hawaii can haz Bitcoin? In my prior posts I talked about how it was very difficult […]

Bitcoin (and Crypto) for Hawaii? #illumedati

Crypto Market Crash
Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays Again. Right now I find Cryptocurrency very interesting, but it kind of walks the line between a Finance Fridays post or a Whatever Wednesdays post. So today, I’m going talk about “Crypto Crash and HODL” For those who have been following the Crypto Markets, you’ll know it’s highly volatile. Huge swings are commonplace. However, in the last few days there has been a continued “Red Sea”: The white arrow is […]

Crypto Crash and HODL #illumedati